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Global Property Standards. Why They Are Important To You. Why You Need To Pay Attention.

Stating the obvious.

I think we all have a least a general idea of what the data standards issue is. If not……

Property A has 10,000 m2. Building B has 10,000 m2

Property A is measured by a designated professional of a designated organization using a designated standard.

Property B is measured by a guy with a tape measure a pencil, pad of paper on which he writes down “stuff” and gives to someone to CAD for him.

Both properties are presented to the world as commercial real estate with true and accurate data.

You are like yeah, yeah I get it. We need a world property standard……but in my market….. and of course there is the problem.

Coming to your back yard…soon!

International Property Measurement Standards. (IPMS)

Pay special attention to Dr Frances Plimmer Chair of Commission 9, FIG

I have used this video before and put it in context in my post.

Hyper Local Commercial Real Estate. You Control The Data You Control The Inventory?

This means what again?

Watch the video again and read my post.

You are smart brilliant and in commercial real estate.

You have got it figured out.

Get on board now and champion this just cause. Now!

It’s for all of us!

Global Property Standards. Why They Are Important To You. Why You need To Pay Attention.


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  • CREOutsider

    The problem with all these data standard organizations is that they over-think this stuff to death. And instead of a phased approach, they dump a million possible standard fields instead of just concentrating on the most important first. They should also work within the boundaries of available technology like laser measurement tools or apps so these can be put to use by the masses instead of trying to develop proprietary whatever. So all they have to work on is standard definitions and terminology, i.e., one man’s gross carpet area is another’s GLA…I think…