FuturePropTechUK 2018 Summary.


Ah, the fair weather (drizzly, rain and fog) that is London and the Future PropTech UK Event.

As I was graciously invited and was more than excited to attend I thought I would do one of my “famous” personal and up close take of the event from my own eyes.

Let’s get started, shall we…with a Video from PlaceTech.

On to the Business Design Center that provided an open and unique space to showcase the future of prop tech. It just worked. I stayed in the Hilton literally 10 yards from the front door and the surrounding area provided many options for breakfast lunch dinner and DRINKS! Check my Tweets but I’m sure I mentioned a Pro Tip: “Do not shut down the pub the night before and have a morning presenter/panel slot.” Mine was after lunch and that was a good strategy on my part.

A quick side: How many cranes are there in London? They are EVERYWHERE! I can’t remember a city I have been to lately that even came close! A good thing bad thing or wonderful thing?

Now, this is where I must stop and thank the team responsible for making this event happen.

What special form of insanity does it take to put one of these things together? As you know I participated in all kinds of property related events and have nothing but the utmost respect for anyone who does this.

Gary, Richard, Lori, and Charlotte were beyond nice and professional. Think about just my ego (hey now) and then add in all the other personalities involved and I still can’t figure out how they do it.

Here is some of the on the floor and in the hallways feedback I received from some of the attendees.

-More investors here approached me than I thought.

-Bigger venue and better put together than I expected.

-Who thought of the coffee and beer station in the middle of the floor, brilliant.

-I’ve been talking to people all day at my booth, I’m exhausted.

-The three sessions I have been to so far have been packed with quality people.

-The commercial sessions seemed better attended than the residential.

-I really enjoyed the roundtable discussions, I do wish they were a bit smaller so that more people could interact.

-The AV setups were spot on.

-Next year I wear sneakers.

-The blockchain was nonexistent.

-I enjoyed how they approached the subject of the housing crisis.

-There was a bit of pitching but that’s expected.

And those are just the ones I remember off of the top of my head.

Here are a few of my own.

-There is more depth of execution and an understanding of the enterprise level of doing business.

– The conversations were all C level no matter who I talked to. No unprofessional hangers-on in this group. They came to learn network and do serious business.

-The English Pub is a work of art. There is nothing like it and can never be replicated no matter how hard anyone tries.

-I love the fact that they paint “Look Left or Look Right” on the pavement at crosswalks. Some of us do need reminding. I was asked how we do it in New York. My response, “we just walk in front of the cars and dare them to hit us.” Ok, maybe that’s just me.

-I think we have hit the peak of tech people meeting with tech people. The next one needs to have all of the BIG HITTER OWNERS, DEVELOPERS, AND BROKERAGES attending and presenting. Quick shout out to CBRE, of course, they had a booth at this event, that’s why they are Big Green, always ahead!

-But at a certain point, the users need to be with the tech solution providers. Sounds simple, sounds easy. Ok then JUST DO IT!

Now, take a look at some of the Tweets from the various attendees.

It has been said that Twitter is “tv for intellectuals.” Hmmmm maybe so.

That pretty much sums most of it up. Is there more? Yes, so why don’t you make a note to attend the next www.furtureproptech.co.uk event.

I’m already committed to next year, see you there!


+1. Did I mention the Pubs?

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