Future PropTech UK 2019 Summary. Was This The Best PropTech Conference Ever?

You know I have to, I have to do the summary of my experiences at most any of the conferences I attend. Why? Because it’s fun getting the emails from the people who attended and getting their real honest reaction for one thing. It’s also fun to look back and summarize and expound on why a few thousand people decided upon one specific spot on the planet to shake the globe and scorch the earth. Well, at least that’s what I thought I was doing there. so, let’s start off with a video from the team at PlaceTech to help you soak in some of the flavors. Just click on the arrow and it will start right up.

This is usually where I start slurping up all the people I met and had conversations with. I usually drop in tweets and pics from all over the event and city it was hosted in, not this time. Why not, because if you were there you know what kind of event it was. If you were unable to attend for whatever reason, like possibly doing business and keeping the lights on, I completely understand.

I’ve been around this #CRE #PROP #TECH thing for more than a decade and there are many ways to gauge where “we” are in whatever type of cycle most pundits want to call it. I have a better way of deciding, conversations and those conversations are now becoming what? Relevant, fruitful, engrossing, real world, or maybe just plain old business like. Similar to quick a conversation I had with Ben Lerner of Lerner Associates.

Ben and I met a few years ago because we would run into each other at various events. He is of course about as friendly as pleasant as they come, but at this event, he had just a bit more pace in his step. We ran into each other at the beginning of the conference and as we talked I got the sense that he was kind of in attack mode and by that, I mean full on attack mode. It reminded me of most of the people I meet at the ICSC conferences in Las Vegas. For those not familiar ICSC is all about retail and doing deals. People will set their meeting agenda weeks or months in advance and go all out once they hit the conference floor.

Ben again although cordial and businesslike was on a mission. He had a plan and this conference was ground zero to execute that plan. More to the point that’s most of the vibe I got from almost all of those attending. They were there to learn yes, be informed, yes, but also to do some kind of deal and flat out do business.

I’ve said this for years, whoever figures out how to bring all of the #CRE and #PROP #TECH people together with their actual users and investors will absolutely own the planet and I think, wait, bullshit I know that just happened right in front of my face. Someone mentioned to me at dinner that they thought the attendees from the tech side were just about thirty percent. Yes, just thirty percent. Who else was in attendance? Their CUSTOMERS, that’s who.

There may be others who will no doubt refute my claim, and so be it but make sure you look at their personal agenda before you take in any of their self-serving bullshit. What’s my personal agenda for calling this now? None that I can think of, other than let’s “keep building the tribe”, as I have said for years and years. Maybe that particular phrase has possibly run its course, maybe just maybe the tribe has been built and is now taking on the world from all sides. If Gary and his team at Future PropTech have been the facilitators of that intentionally or unintentionally then more power to us all and a huge thanks to Gary for all the time and effort to help do so.

Remember this is coming from an American, you know us, the Americans, the ones who can raise billions on an idea a dream and a pitch deck. The Americans who think they can do just about anything they want anytime anywhere and not worry about making one penny of profit until… the money runs out. Maybe this American has seen what the other side of the world can do and that is sell at an enterprise level and partner up as a way to real growth and revenue.

This American also knows what we have that the other side does not and that is a 25% share of the world GDP. How much of that is real estate? Trillions and Trillions, but then again all we have to do is throw more money at it to fix any problem, or maybe not so much. It looks as if the tribe has decided what I thought they would do all along and that is take the best from any and all and do what they all started out to do in the first place. Change commercial real estate and the world of property forever. Did I surmise all of that from one conference in London? No, not completely but It did just finally happen, and will continue in ways only a few may be able to comprehend.

In the beginning, I asked, “Was Future PropTech UK 2019 The Best PropTech Conference Ever?”

The answer: Yes, without a doubt and by a long shot!


+1 Want more flavor from the event? Click on this #FPT2019 hashtag and have at it.

+1+1 Blatant name dropping.

Elie Finegold, there is only one…

Thomas Herr, the Berlin Wall, my daughter was fascinated.

LD Salmanson, thanks for the fantastic dinner LD.

Constance Freedman, I don’t even want to mention the hotel and say “hi” to your dad for me.

Ben Lerner, let’s do some things, big things.

Taylor Wescoatt, thanks for letting me hang in your booth.

Magnus Svantegard and your dinner was sublime. My bottle of Champaign is where again?

Julia Arlt, ignore me some more next time. 🙂

Roelof Opperman, it’s just a dog.

Tanguy QuĂ©ro dude…you have moves!

Susan Freeman, and no I am not putting Antony Slumbers on this list!

Vanessa, you know who you are!

Emily Wright, congrats and it will last forever!

Darryll Colthurst, we need to hang and talk, sooner rather than later!


I’m out!



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