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At we always love to see how people are putting the system to work to help organize their business. In real estate, agents need to be diligent with following up to succeed. With the process of creating that reminder is easy. Here is how it works.

Let’s say you got an email from a past client and they asked to you touch base next month because they were thinking of selling. Great right!


Now you just need to set a easy reminder to follow up and make an appointment with your client. Here is the magic of

You can quickly draft an reply email, and in the BCC field of the email type in your FollowUp reminder. In this case, I want a reminder on September 3rd, so the format is


I’ll send that email. Since the reminder is in the BCC field, my client will not see the reminder – it is private and only I will get it.

On September 3rd, my message will reappear in my inbox.


If I want to snooze my reminder, I can click a snooze link or if I need to edit it, I can click on the green FollowUp icon. No special software and no login – it works with your email on any system.

Some other easy ways to use in Real Estate:

Set recurring reminders to update a client on their listing. Your message would look like this. Note: To add a time use a dash, otherwise reminders will come at your default start time on your profile page.


Set a reminder to call a client on their 1 year anniversary. If the date just past, you can use a date format eg.


Set a reminder for yourself to touch base with a client every Sunday to review Open Houses.


Looking for more ways to use in your business? Visit our help center and learn about more benefits.

Are you a Gmail user? Download our Free Chrome Extension to easily set FollowUp’s in Gmail.

Are you a Outlook user? Here are some tips for setting things up on Outlook.


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