Floored Launches Protofit, Revolutionary Software to Generate Personalized Commercial Test Fits In Minutes.

Floored Launches Protofit, Revolutionary Software to Generate Personalized Commercial Test Fits In Minutes.

Floored launches Protofit, revolutionary software to generate personalized commercial test fits in minutes.

Floored, the leader in interactive 3D visualization software for the real estate industry, announced today the launch of a first­of­its­kind visualization tool for commercial test fits, Protofit . Accessible directly through desktop and iPad browsers, Protofit is an automation platform for the creation of commercial test fits in both 2D and 3D.

Protofit gives commercial leasing professionals the power to create quickly test fits themselves, without requiring the involvement of 3rd parties like architects or interior designers. As a result, personalized test fits can be generated in minutes, enabling leasing professionals to customize their presentations to each prospect rather than delivering generic, impersonal marketing visuals to tenants and their brokers.

The Protofit software­-as-­a-­service platform features a proprietary spatial decision engine that algorithmically calculates an optimal space layout when given a customer’s requirements and limitations. This means that accurate, spatially efficient, and highly customized test fits can be generated directly by commercial leasing professionals through the intelligent software. This enables owners to create test fits in real­time for their prospects. Protofit’s iPad functionality allows brokers to use the software during a space tour or at an event.

“Protofit is a quantum leap forward in commercial real estate technology. By making test fit content creation as easy as a touch of a button, we’re helping bring next­generation visual tools, in both 2D and 3D, to the real estate selling process. Owners, brokers, and tenants will all love how intuitive the software is, and I’m certain that Protofit will help owners close more deals, faster.” David Eisenberg, Co­Founder and CEO of Floored, said.

Leading real estate developers such as Related, Empire State Realty Trust, Macerich and Boston Properties have long been customers of Floored’s flagship 3D visualization product, Luma, but typically only for major new developments or repositioning of assets. The latest in visualization and planning technology is now available and economical for commercial assets of all sizes through an unlimited access subscription. Within only a few days, customers can have buildings and entire portfolios onboard onto the platform.

Floored’s Protofit opens revolutionary visualization software up to a much broader CRE audience, including smaller landlords and brokers as well as tenants who are in the market. Over time, Floored expects to expand the core Protofit functionality, focused on office properties today, to the industrial and retail real estate sectors, as well as to the emerging Virtual Reality industry.

The coming months will bring an astounding expansion of the product, culminating in the launch of Protofit V2 towards the end of 2015, which will feature the industry’s first 2D to 3D visualization solution. Protofit customers will be able to create their own interactive 3D visualizations for all test fits generated in the 2D editor. Customers can tailor 2D and 3D content to specific tenant pitches instantaneously, which will all but eliminate the need for interior renderings in the industry. Initial Protofit subscribers will get early access to this pioneering functionality.

To request access to Protofit, please visit www.protofit.floored.com and click “request a demo.”

Protofit from Floored on Vimeo.

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