Floored.com Precise, Automatically Generated 3-D Models

Floored.com Precise, Automatically Generated 3-D Models.

As usual a little email bump and an invitation to chat and BOOM commercial real estate awesomeness.

On the phone with David Eisenberg the CEO of www.floored.com and I was …yes I’m going to say it “floored.”

Now don’t think that this is just some really cool to look at technology that maybe 5 people may ever use.

Take a look at some examples here and here or download the I-pad app.

So you say well that is really cool but what can I do with it?

That is the simply beautiful point of floored.

They have and are continuing to build the software that will allow you to use the software in an intelligent and user friendly way.

The software is able to collect data and start making insights based on that data.

There is so much more commercial real estate can and will do with 3-D modeling.

Just think in a couple of years you may be able to walk into a room hold up your camera phone ,scan an entire room and download it to your own platform. Powered by www.floored.com software.

Sounds crazy?

It’s coming and it will be available to everyone.

Who has the true and accurate data in commercial real estate?

Tomorrow it may just be everyone!

Comments opinions and points of view are always appreciated.


Duke Long

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