Facilities Management and IT. Your New Hope?

Facilities Management and IT. Your New Hope?

As usual it starts with a phone call…..

More correctly it was a phone call/interview/conversation that included a variety of topics.

The topic that stuck in my head was about facilities management.

Like every other industry it is dealing with data mobility collaboration documents integration etc etc etc.

Why should we pay attention to the facilities management industry?

Simple. It is starting to change drastically.

How? Their basic roles are changing.

Why? Automation connectivity new data sets etc etc etc..

There are now up to 70,000 pieces of data available in every building!

So this means what? It means the old role of facilities manager changes to the new role of facilities IT manager.

Who needs to pay attention to this? Everyone.

Why? The facilities manager will become The Gatekeeper of all that data.

If I were a broker (hey wait I am a broker) I would seek out each and every person I knew that is involved in facilities management.

I would start connecting with them online. I would research their business and seek out events I could attend and network.

I would also closely and I mean very closely watch what is happening to their business.

The same thing is going to happen to us.

Oh yes it is!

They have a great chance of making a huge impact on the future of commercial real estate.

I don’t think I can say the same for us.

Well Shit!



Duke Long

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