EGOs And Experience. Two Simple Reasons The Future Of #CRE And #TECH Is Going Nowhere, Fast!

Oh, how deep can I get? It’s meeting after meeting, conversation after conversation, drinks after drinks, uh maybe not so much lately but I’m all up in it here in New York. I do love the access to just about everything. I even went to an Architectural Digest Design Conference last week. I am keeping the mind open and nimble as much as I can. You can always learn.

As most conversations go it’s usually about #CRE and #TECH in general, the state of the market, what companies this, what companies that and so on. But as I listen and as I get more out and about I start to pick up on things, which lends itself to some kind of formulation…in my mind… and that brings me to…

Egos and Experience.

I feel the muscles flexing so hang on for this one!

Let’s start with the EGOS.

The egos of the founders/people/of the tech companies. Holy Fuck the EGOS of these people. I know part of the startup mentality(that they have been told over and over) is to be confident and also contrarian. Yes, I get that. But have a fucking clue about the business you are in and the people you are dealing with. Let me give it to you straight. I have said this many times before but obviously, it needs to be said again. Your Product Is Not Shit! And Nobody Gives A Flying Fuck About It! You have not invented the wheel! You have created something with code that anyone, ANYONE can do. So, shut the fuck up about it! At best you have created something that might save someone a bit of work or the process of that work and therefore it will save them time. Now, that is indeed precious but For Fuck’s Sake, that’s all you have done.

How about selling it? Wait, what’s selling, “fuck that,” you say. I know that you actually think that someone is going to in some magical way find/stumble/get drunk and search your website and then click on it. And then you send them right to a generic demo screen that says what? Good fucking luck finding a human being that you can talk to. Oh, I know the drill it’s all about customer service or you startup people actually call it, “customer care “which comes way before sales because of what? Your fucking ego and ignorance. You blame #CRE for your lack of traction or adoption, how about blaming your lazy ass!

Just so you think I’m not just singling your lazy egotistical ass out. I met with a founder last week. I’ve known him for years. He started something way interesting in the last year or so. After we met I emailed everyone I knew to have them take a look at what he is doing. Why? He can Fucking Sell! He has done it time and time again and guess what he did before that? He was a broker. A big-time #CRE broker. He won’t have to raise money people will get in line to give it to him. He can recruit…sales people as in people who can sell and that’s all we ever talk about. (Hey Andrew, let’s hook up later this month again, ping me.) Do you want to get my undivided attention? Sell. You want me to “help?” Sell. You want me to do.. what? Fucking tell me how you are selling, I want the strategy and the roadmap to get there. I don’t care about anything else. Quit banging on your competitors, wait your right your shit is so special you have no competitors. Quit banging on your actual customers, they are smarter than you.

And one big final point I want to make. YOU as in YOU are NOT going to be THE PLATFORM. 

You think you are. You know you are….everyone else knows that YOU ARE NOT!

Why not? SCALE! That’s why.

Oh, and you don’t have that much experience but that’s not your problem. It’s a #CRE problem, let me explain.

You have all seen it and I may be part of the problem (not that I would ever admit it) but there they sit, sometimes on a stage, sometimes at the end of a long table and, sometimes if you are lucky enough face to face.

That blue suit and mostly balding head of #CRE. It’s called experience.

They as in they have seen and heard it all and they do everything to let you know it. They are the voice of all reason and experience because in their opinion they have weathered it all. Upturns, downturns, inflation, recession, zero deal flow, political and global spikes along with anything and everything that comes in between and they have survived it all. All these years and years and years of experience and in their mind that makes them what? Smarter, more durable, more even-tempered, more astute, more able, than anyone else and there is nothing that they can’t weather and survive again and again.

And how can you even possibly go against that?

Well, let me tell you exactly how. Part of the experience problem is that there will be a thousand ways and stories along with them to back up whatever decision they make that is even remotely not forward-looking. Oh, they will talk the future up like they are the GODS of all things #CRE and #TECH but in reality, they will do… almost nothing, and be proud of it.

Let me throw you a real-world example of just how that mentality works.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You got that down right? You Googled it, (You remember what the world was like before Google, damn, things were just more simple and easy back then) you read a couple of articles and you have it all figured out. Just one more thing to dismiss as something you have handled before. Last time it was email instead of a Rolodex, or spreadsheets before spreadsheets (think about it) or phones before smartphones. Just something else to slot into another place until something new and sparkly comes along that you can explain away…with experience and stories.

Let’s be honest here, assuming we weren’t being honest before. You have ZERO CLUE about what AI actually is and even less than ZERO of an idea of how it will affect your business. And you don’t actually give a shit, again if we are just being honest.

Your general knowledge and experience with your ability to nod your head during the parts of the conversation you don’t understand have gotten you this far this long. Why fuck that up? Why care? Why even try?

By the way, AI adoption has increased by about 3% this year alone, and that means….nothing to you.

So here we are today, EGOs And Experience.

Easily The Two Simple Reasons The Future Of #CRE And #TECH Is Going Nowhere, Fast!

And with no solution to either problem in sight…maybe forever!


+1. What happens if you are burdened with both?

+1+1 Am I Suggesting?




Duke Long

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