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Drivedecisions. Clearer, faster, better, decisions for Real Property. (Video)


Click and watch the video of how this tool works.

You will be AMAZED!

DRiVE 2.014 from DR-i-VE on Vimeo.

Don’t just take my word for it.

“Using DRiVE provides a quantum leap forward in assisting clients in making the best possible investment decisions.”
Dylan Simon, investment sales broker.

“Decision-makers need to stop using 1980s-era tools and use the best tools available for the job, like DRiVE.”
Josh Brower, Chair of the Seattle Planning Commission 2010-2011, Co-Chair Special Task Force on Comp Plan Update 2012.

“It’s like having a telescope and a microscope. You can see the forest AND the trees.”
Eva Otto, owner Infiniti RED, Real Estate and Development

“It’s like navigating a manipulable 4D video game of the most relevant data affecting kids, families, communities.”
Jeff Petty, Director, Puget Sound Consortium for School Innovation

“Where McHarg’s layers meet Tufte’s graphics.”
Christine Carlson, Senior Fellow Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Minnesota College of Design.

What an amazing tool!

Request Online Demo.

Try It Now!

Drivedecisions. Clearer, faster, better, decisions for Real Property. (Video)

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