Do You Have Blockchain Overload? It’s Just Beginning, Are You Sure You Understand Why?

In my opinion, we are still at the very beginning of the “crypto/blockchain” era for commercial real estate. The far reaching implications of what that is and will be cannot be overstated. What I have tried to do in the last few weeks is give you a deeper understanding of some of the elements at work today and how they relate to the commercial real estate business.

To say that there is so much more to come is just stating the obvious. And with the small chance (how dare) you missed any of the articles I decided to do a summary. Hopefully, this will keep your thinking. You are ahead of 99% of most all commercial real estate by just knowing what Blockchain is. Think that number should be much smaller? It’s not. So…

How Will The “Blockchain Network” Compare?

What is the Blockchain network again?

“With blockchain, we can imagine the world in which contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in transparent, shared databases, where they are protected from deletion, tampering, and revision. In this world, every agreement, every process, every task, and every payment would have a digital record and signature that could be identified, validated, stored, and shared.” Source: HBR

Do I even need to comment any further to help you understand what the Blockchain network means to commercial real estate? Transparent, shared, along with with a secure digital record and signature. And that’s just the beginning.

What Are “State Channels” and Why You Need To Pay Attention.

“State Channels” are?

“State channels are a very broad and simple way to think about blockchain interactions which could occur on the blockchain, but instead get conducted off of the blockchain, without significantly increasing the risk of any participant. State channels are the general form of payment channels, applying the same idea to any kind of state-altering operation normally performed on a blockchain.”

How many elements of a transaction should be done before it needs to be secured and stored? Well, why don’t you decide?

Beyond The Hype: A Realistic View Of Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate TODAY!

“We don’t need to worry about mass (as in every human being in the entire world) adoption of Blockchain or Bitcoin for that matter. What we need to do is just progress and use what works. When you put it that way it does not sound so edgy, world changing and speculative. It sounds like using and adapting to a tool (for the lack of a better term) that helps us all. Could there be so much more? Of course, there can. There will be many people, companies, and governments for that matter speculating that the layers on top of the blockchain structure will create the most value. And they could be right. I would imagine that the brilliant people in and around commercial real estate will be some of the people and companies doing just that.”

We are going to figure it out and then some. Think about this. What other industry can tie the technology to a physical asset? No one but us. How exciting and lucrative of a prospect is that? I would say it’s TRILLIONS!

What’s The Incentive For Commercial Real Estate Blockchain Adoption?

The Three Dynamics of Crypto Destruction and Commercial Real Estate.

“From an institutional and or enterprise point of view, what has really changed in the last few decades? Not much for that matter. What aging and obsolete infrastructure still exists because it can? What other possibility is there for broader scale and operability? An entirely new technology stack can and will be created. What basic efficiencies and advanced processes will be realized? It’s hard to imagine how far they could go. Or is it hard to imagine how the entire system worked before?”

An entirely new infrastructure. Hmmm. What are the possibilities? Endless!

” Allowing Connected Computers To Reach Agreement On Shared Data.” The Phrase That Changed Commercial Real Estate Forever!

Is that too much to ask? Are the computers going to do it for us? What if they decide on their own?

Smart Contracts. The One Simple Step That Kills The DarkStar Forever.

“Early on in Ethereum’s history, standards were part of the overall plan to create a user-friendly and broadly accessible system. But like all standards, ERC-20 took the time to evolve over a series of long discussions and careful considerations. In other words, they figured it the fuck out like adults! Did I mention this was started by teenagers and coders! It seems pretty obvious that Etherum has figured out to create a secure database with a working standard application to transact.”

How many of us see the blatant opportunity? Hopefully, it will be 100% and please sooner than later. For the betterment of us all.

And this means what?

So, there you have some of the basic elements of the future of commercial real estate.

Or the future of how commercial real estate will function.

How many positives can and will come from this?

It’s hard for me to even imagine.

Do You Have Blockchain Overload? It’s Just Beginning, Are You Sure You Understand Why?

+1 Do you believe?


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  • Like this article, but I think blockchain is going to run into ONE major problem – Brokers. The value of information that they can keep exclusive is paramount to a lot of these guys.