Distribution or what the old boys call SALES.

Distribution or what the old boys call SALES.

Out and About.

I have been hitting the road a little more than usual lately because sometimes you just have to get face time. I have also seen a huge increase in conversations via whatever platform that I have had recently with many different #CRE companies.

I have noticed something that they all are starting to pay more attention to.

Distribution. That’s the word they use. You and I call it SALES.

I guess not calling it sales makes it less……….”dirty?”

Distribution makes it sound like…………”not selling.”

Most of these companies have figured out that they have a product to sell. Most of them have finally figured out that they need to make (shocking..I know) money.

What us old dudes already know.

We all have to sell right? It’s what we do in commercial real estate. Sell our service.

Ironically the companies that are creating the “products” for commercial real estate are not “sales” type of people.

They are software SasS or platform PaaS people.

They now need to go find/create/and build a “sales” team.

The “sales” team will then target who?

YOU. A commercial real estate “sales” person.

YOU. A person who makes “sales” for a living and not just little software sales.

What us old dudes really know.

We know how to SELL.

Why don’t we help the “distribution” people a little bit with some advice.

1. Find that ONE person. It may take a long time. It may take firing 4 people to get there but. Find that ONE person who can create a blueprint or playbook for your company “sales.” Every #CRE company has one. “The Oracle” of sales. Not super sales not kill what you eat sales not two big deals and nothing else sales but the ORACLE.

They define the entire sales culture for the team. It’s why the company is still alive. They create and massage the sales scripts. They also create the email templates for all types of clients and situations. They watch and help the team practice pitches. They help create the sales decks and update them always. And most importantly the live and breathe the mighty CRM like the life blood it is.

2. Data and Measurement. Do you have any idea what that means beyond clicks and inbound? The Oracle does. It’s what they base all of their decisions on. Customer feed back is fine but what are the numbers really telling you. 5 people bitching about one feature out of 400 does not make it a trend. What made the other 395 say nothing? If the Oracle has set up a transparent process then everyone will know. Can it be a repeatable process? It better be or you will DIE.

3. The right fit? Are they from the broker lineage? Yea that’s what I said. They need to know the culture they are walking into. Do they have the #CRE cred? Is it brokers selling to brokers? Maybe it should be. How will they fit into the start-up culture? Just because it worked with established company A with 120 sales employees and staff does not mean that will work again. Do they know what you need NOW? How may people? What is their recruiting pipeline? What are the realistic revenue projections?

Welcome to the Bull Pen.

Most people will say the CEO is the best sales person at any company. I think not.

The CEO’s job is to sell the vision build the team/recruit and keep money in the bank.

Wait, that sounds like what the “sales persons” job is.

So….that makes the decision of who the “Oracle” of sales will be a huge one.

I have seen it 100 times. Wrong fit. Wrong plan. Dead company.

So………Who’s going to get it right?

Who is going to pick the right one and will they know when (Hint: one sales cycle maybe less) they have not?

Who is going to live the DNA of……….

Distribution or what the old boys call SALES.


+1 I need to dig deeper. There is so much more to this.






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  • So true… The startups that seem to be doing better are the ones with former (usually long time) agent CEOs who basically mine their network to make sales.