DisruptCRE Boston. (My Mental Download.) Innovation Disruption Technology and Commercial Real Estate.

So, I get a phone call.

I know I say this all the time but writing about the things that I think are important in commercial real estate exposes me.

With that I am open and accessible to all kinds of people all over the world. This does have its moments.

So, this guy Stephen Hopkins calls me and starts the conversation with “would you be interested in doing a presentation.”

Now my first reaction was “who in the hell are you again and what are you trying to do?”

He gave me a quick chuckle over the phone and then went into his pitch about what his vision of DisruptCRE Boston was going to be.

Now, Stephen is a SALESMAN and I mean that as a compliment. There is a little carnival ring master/visionary/ADHD/detailed organiser/genius in him.

I will state this right here THANK YOU Stephen. THANK YOU for your amazing vision THANK YOU for your passion THANK YOU for just being you.

We need people like you in commercial real estate, we need more people like you.

He laid it all out exactly how he wanted it to happen. He had been working on this for two months before he even called me.

I was hooked. I told him I would do whatever I could to help him get this thing going.

If you are following me on Twitter then you probably noticed a bunch of tweets before the event. I also posted this up promoting the event.

I suggested to Stephen that I could moderate a panel about technology #CRE and disruption and he agreed.

I sat down and thought who would be interesting fun and entertaining people for the panel.

Well, of course who else but my boys:


Elie Finegold SVP Global Innovation and Business Intelligence CBRE

MichaelMandel CEOCompStak.

Nick Romito CEO View The Space

Alex Newmann VP of Sales at PivotDesk.

Now that is a strong list of #CRETech #Savants.

BUT, just look at the picture. Nick could not make it because his wife went into labor. He’s a new daddy. Congrats Nick.

Michael Mandel emailed me from the train between New York and Boston. It was stuck with no power and he couldn’t make it in time.

No problem we improvised and Nick sent Matt Giffune Director of Sales VTS in his place and I drafted Brandon Weber CEO of Hightower to fill in.

The Brad Pitt look-alike on the far left is me. Just in case you were wondering.

So what did we talk about? Were you there? NO! Well that’s ok.

Here is a summary from CBRE New England and Banker & Tradesman.

Not enough for you? How about Michael Bull (word of caution, you will not be able to hang with Michael #Stella #justsaying) and his Commercial Real Estate Show.

It was a blast.

I think it was informative interesting educational and I did not drop one F-bomb. My mom should be so proud.

Real Value.

We all attend industry events. It’s part of what we all should need to and want to do.

I get invited to all kinds of “things” which I want to say please and thank you for that BTW.

But there is one major reason I wanted to attend.


WOW, did I meet some amazing and brilliant people with all kinds of ideas and points of view.

I had the chance to meet with Greg Hoffmeister and Jon Frisch from T3 Advisors.

We had a fascinating conversation. They also gave me a tour of their office.



The conversations in the hallways are worth the price of admission.

I sat with Brandon Weber CEO Hightower and talked for 20 minutes.

HOLY SHIT is he smart. YES, I am having another BROMANCE.

Deal with it.

Another interesting part of the event was the 45 second start-up pitch session.

WOW, start-up commercial real estate porn.

Elie and I almost couldn’t keep up.

After the pitches they cleared the room and set up tables for the companies to showcase their products and further the conversation.

Fucking Brilliant!

I talked to as many as I could and made sure to get their contact information.

You never know.

As the event ended the goodbyes and let’s stay connected conversations led to dinner.

Hosted graciously by Mr. and Mrs. Elie Finegold.

As I shared a cab back to my hotel with Elie and his enchanting and mesmerizing wife (meet her for 5 minutes and it will happen to you too) we talked about the event and all the amazing people we met and connected with.

We also talked about how we need to help promote push champion network mentor and do anything and everything we can to help them succeed.

I think that DisruptCRE Boston was one of our ways of doing just that.

Oh and there are plans for many more.

Chicago is next I hear.

DisruptCRE Boston. (My Mental Download.) Innovation Disruption Technology and Commercial Real Estate.

Duke Long

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