Digital Commercial Real Estate Manifesto.

A manifesto for commercial real estate? Yes. It is time. Time to set the standard, subvert the culture,create some chaos and define the future of digital commercial real estate. Below are the basics, clearly more definition and detail can and will be forthcoming. Please add your thoughts and ideas in the comments section.

Digital Commercial Real Estate:

– subverts the existing structure.

– is available to everyone.

– is the information standard….no other information has validity.

– creates the real and authentic market..

– is not just a way of marketing but a revolution.

– thrives on not the invention of the content ,but in the execution.

– has a singular focus on user experience.

– is and will be the Cloud.

– is and will only be Mobile.

– is sharing.

– is co-sharing.

– is collaboration now and forever.

– is hyper collaboration.

– is the entire world.

– will amplify >>google like.

– will collaborate with partners and package.

– will organize against outdated models.

– data is the new oil.

– content is not the same as physical property.

– content is free,you have to sell things that cannot be copied.

– content is networked,connected,free or it does not exist.

– marketing and public relations will not exist >>the content is the marketing and public relations.

– selection,expert curation,filtering,culling,context,and annotation provide expertise.

– apps are commercial real estate marketing.

– attention is now a currency.

– Users:

– want content when they want it.[ anytime]

– want content how and where they want it. [place and platform ]

– want to be able to influence,talk-back,contribute,determine. [control content/market]

– want real and tangible,personalized value for their attention,or will go elsewhere.[attention shift]

– will continue to fragment and diversify.[real world]

The Digital Commercial Real Estate Manifesto.

Duke Long