Digital Commercial Real Estate 2012. Technology.Learning.Collaboration.Disruption.Innovation and Drinks

Digital Commercial Real Estate 2012.
Technology.Learning.Collaboration.Disruption.Innovation and Drinks

Commercial Real Estate and Technology Learning Collaboration Disruption Innovation and Booze.

This is a follow up to a post from September 7 2011. Digital Commercial Real Estate 2011. Everyone is Invited.

The post created great interest and feedback. Offers have already been made for volunteering and “sponsorship” help. Great thanks to all who have shown interest to this point. I want to drill down a little bit and start clarifying some of the details of the event.


Still in the running with suggestions welcome. San Francisco,New York,Chicago, LA,Orlando,Indianapolis,Washington DC,Seattle,Dallas,Houston.


With the help from the feedback it may change a little bit. Some thoughts.

The “Hackathon” will most definitively be a part of this event. I’m calling you out Jason Sandquist this can be your baby along with some help. You know the tech and commercial real estate. Make it raw and tech nasty. This competition/tech/explosion will run during the entire event.

The “Stage” will be just that. Panels,discussions, updates, demonstrations, interviews, video, interactive stuff throughout the event

The “Environment” will certainly be professional but needs to have a casual vibe.

The “Content” or the new buzzword “Context”. Any and all things digital.

Everyone Invited Means Who?

To start with and I think most importantly NON GEEKS.

Programmers/Designers: Any and all who have an interest. No matter what your background.

Digital Media: Digital print,social media,online interactive.Show us what you got.

Marketing/PR: Brokerage,corporate,boutique,property based.

Software: Any and all.

Mobil: Nokia,Android,I-Phone,Tablets.

Data: Loopnet, Costar, Public databases,CRM,Lease data,Cie’s.

Building Automation: Cisco,Johnson Controls,Siemens everybody in the pool.

Sustainability: Environmental,Urban Planning, Logistics.

Application Developers: Mobile,Web,Microsoft,Google,Ruby on Rails,Apple.

Mapping/GIS/Site Search: Layering,3-d, Augmented Reality.

Cloud Geeks: Any and all to show us how it changes everything.

Venture Capital/Start-ups/Mentors/Judges: We need them all.

The Big Brands: Your competition will be there. Just ignore them.

Google: Ok,somebody hook me up with the commercial real estate data,app,mapping,developer,world wide Google geek person. They need to be at this event!

Tools, Labs, Panels, Learning.

Tools: How many free tools can you get? What can they do to help your business? Lots of companies out there looking for users. Let’s start keeping a count.

Labs: Interactive demos and learning. Have a CRM program and need some help. Get it here!

Panels: It is still a great ways to get some knowledge. Who are the top people you want to hear. What topics do we really need to discuss…without the bullshit pitch? They are already starting to email me with suggestions. What are yours?

Value for Companies.

Send one person send ten. Keep your costs at whatever budget you want. Interact with people one on one or set up a session for you company. There will be NO charge for you or your company to attend. We will set up some kind of “environment” for you to showcase your product. Think non conference non big dollars boring booth set up. Maybe just communal tables like the deal making sessions at ICSC or speed dating for companies? Still thinking.


The whole point of this thing is to take that online connection and make it face to face. Who do you want to meet what do you want to learn and who do you want to have a conversation with? How much time do you have to spare? Come for a couple of hours come for a couple of days. Get access to the people inside and outside commercial real estate who know technology, team building, automation sustainability, software ,mobile, mapping,apps, digital,vc,cloud junkies and meet some real life non geeks.





Learning Sharing and Collaboration.

Hackathon Start up Geek Fest.

Networking and Face to Face.

Oh yea and BOOZE!

Keep the comments emails DM’s and phone calls coming!




Duke Long