Digital Commercial Estate:2012 Everyone Is Invited.

Digital Commercial Real Estate 2012

Sticking my neck way out here and why not! Innovation, cutting edge technology, community, collaboration. Commercial real estate does have all of these in some form or other but why not bring them all together? Let’s get together and change the commercial real estate world. Official Tag: DCRE2012

Who What Where When and How and Why.

What is it: Two and one half days of team,product launching,idea sharing,company building, brand building,tech learning,800 lb gorilla killing.

Who: Any and all who are interested in commercial real estate technology,marketing,branding,start-ups,venture capitol,developers,designers etc etc etc.

When: I say sometime in the first 3 months of 2012.

Why and How much: Why Not! and not a penny. Yes Free.

Where: Chicago(my back yard) New York, San Francisco,who knows yet.

How will it work: Sample Format.


6pm: Everyone gets together, figures out who else is there, what would be interesting to build work on or help with.

7pm: Pitches start (if you have an idea for a product task or need you pitch it to the group).Work groups that need specific skills or help(example:marketing).

8pm: Teams start breaking off (generally up to 10 or more teams will form during the weekend, creating ten tasks, products or companies).

9pm: Hopefully teams have solidified their concept and created an elevator pitch (even a simple one) by now.

10pm: Break off to a bar or coffee shop to continue the discussion and attempt to paper prototype out their application.


9am: Crowds pour in, work starts on development.

Noon: Lunch.

3pm: More coding, business plan development, and a special guest (music, vc, sponsor etc).

6pm: Special guest drop-ins and pitches from the teams.

9pm: Gut check on the product; basic prototype building, group get-together for drinks and to talk about the products/projects everyone is working on.


9am: The day’s work starts again.

Noon: Projects are being developed; live website with sign-up is possibly set up; more special guests drop in.

6pm: Sink or swim time for those looking for a weekend launch.

9pm: Presentations from each company or group; what worked, what didn’t, what could go better and contacts are exchange for those continuing in the future.

Watch and learn:

What’s needed.

-Space to use for the event for free. We are in commercial real estate. I think we can handle this one.

-Wi-Fi and connectivity out the ying yang.

-Someone to “sponsor” maybe  2 lunches, snacks and “refreshing” drinks.

-A little help with a website. Need a destination for content and communication.

-Organisation. I am willing and able to take on the entire task. If some others feel this is worth their time and effort. I would greatly appreciate it.

-ZERO Dollars. This is not for profit. It is for all of the things I suggest above. You can always pick up my tab!

What do attendees get?

-An unprecedented level of networking, team building, learning.

-Connection and access to the Big Brands.

-Connection to the technology world outside commercial real estate.

– Just plain fun and amazing opportunities you can’t get anywhere else.

-New resources,experiences,knowledge,and maybe even some new friends.

DCRE2012  IS ON !!!!!!!!!!!!


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Duke Long

  • Hughjwade

    Hell Yeah Buddy. Emotionally bought in just reading it. Love the idea of digging in and trying to get actual fun work done with other CRE pro’s. I’m intrigued. Hugh Wade, Anchorage.

    • Hugh,
      More details coming! THX

  • Kevin Maggiacomo

    I’m in, as is SVN in helping to defray some of the costs…huge believer in the using the power of smart mobs and tribes to innovate and to solve problems. As an aside, and through pure coincidence, I wrote a post yesterday about the lack of collaboration which seems to take place in our CRE industry. You are bucking this trend –

    • Kevin,
      Nice Post. Thanks for the nod. More details and stuff coming. Getting nice traction already. I like the FREE part myself!

  • Zdrake2013

    How many people would you want from every company?

  • Zdrake2013

    And please consider Des Moines as a location, a very central hub for the country. Thank You

  • Patrick

    No Atlanta Stop?

  • I’m game…though I’d be useless after 9pm…

    • Chris,
      I appreciate your candor but….that’s when I get GOOD!

  • Mike Cathell

    I’m in but if doing 1st quarter of 2012, let’s do it in my backyard…SW Florida!

  • Bobschecter

    So you are planning a Celebrity Apprentice for Real Estate? Cool.

    On the one hand, it sounds terrific to be able to brainstorm with those who are willing to think outside the box. On the other hand, and forgive my cynicism, I have a hard time envisioning the more entrepreneurial members of our industry actually sitting and sharing ideas.

    I think in order to ensure it is open and fresh, you’ll have to make sure the air is devoid of negativity. That would mean that anyone over the age of say, 35, would be summarily rejected.

    • Bob,
      Hell that means I can’t show up! :):)

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