Death of the commercial real estate online salesman.

What, you may be asking, is a commercial real estate online salesman?  Good question.

Salesman in general may bring up all kinds of negative connotations and of course none of us in commercial real estate would ever want to be considered one.  Then what is it that we are really trying to do when we get online?  In my opinion I see a lot of “super sales” going on all the time.

The bad stuff?

No clue about the market whatsoever:  Statements that tout the wonderful investment opportunities in the suburban industrial market or fantastic urban infill land development just waiting for the right investor.  Do you think anyone with 2 cents in their pocket believes this glossed over BS?

Stats and number pushers:  Oh, they are so pretty and defining.  XYZ Company just got $500 million in funding from YZX Company to keep their behinds out of bankruptcy.  ABC gets special $$$ from QRS to fund out their portfolio.  I guess they all need free PR?

Market reports: I will keep this one short.  Everyone on the planet knows that the 2Q, 3Q, slow decline, retail, industrial outlook local market status, snapshot reports from your research staffs are…. BS from your market research staff.  Oh, and we have to register just to see the “true market data.”

Quotes:  If you want to quote Tony Robbins and or that Gary Vanderwine guy.  OK, does that really help?  Do you think that we all need that motivation or does it make you feel better about yourself?  This helps commercial real estate how?

News Aggregators: Do you really care what some company in Dubai just bought or lost?  Then why do you push it out to the whole world.  Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC needs the help?  They are making millions doing the same thing you are doing for free.

Special note to lenders: Please just stay away.  How many more my rates are the greatest, lowest, we are lending to only the 50 mil plus market scam e-mail, Dm’s do I need to get?  Your theory of sending out 10,000 e-mails in hopes of catching 2 idiots is fine.  LinkedIn is not your personal posting playground.  The rest of us are working with people who already have financing.  Go find them on your own.

Noise: Repeating and repeating and repeating.  This is not the TV.  You are not ATT and do not have to hammer your stuff out there.  If I hear that commercial with the guy mumbling behind the guitar with the orange stuff falling over everything …one more time!  If I want to get to your stuff I will…I promise.

Good Stuff?

There has to be some out there somewhere.  I am probably as guilty as anyone at committing some of the above transgressions.  I think that maybe we have made some baby steps forward online in commercial real estate.  Are there any online things in commercial real estate that just drive you nuts? How about some positives?  Is the era of “Super Sales” going to go away?  There are some great people really trying to do some great things.  Please, let loose and let’s get the conversation started.

Duke Long

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