Meet Dealpath.

Smart pipeline tracking, collaborative deal management, and powerful reporting that is specifically designed for CRE investment teams.

CRE transactions are complex. The last thing you need to worry about is chasing down critical information scattered throughout your emails, texts messages, and paper documents.
Dealpath software helps streamline deal management so you and your team can make the best investment decisions.

Centralized Deal Information.

Create a knowledge base for each deal you’re evaluating with a customizable deal template, and let Dealpath automatically populate key property-level and trade area data. See your entire pipeline right from the Dashboard with up-to-date information.

Easy Collaboration & Deadline Tracking.

Distribute work efficiently by assigning tasks to specific people, having one place to track receivables, and relying on smart alerts to keep everyone ahead of deadlines. Send messages and upload documents to specific tasks right from the platform so they will be easy to find whenever and wherever you need them.

Automated & Flexible Reporting.

Say goodbye to hours of manually consolidating data and updating reports — and all the inaccuracies that come with it. Real-time and historical deal information can be retrieved, formatted to your preferences, and exported to either PDF or Excel formats.


Dealpath, the global standard for Real Estate Deal Management, produces a material return on investment, dramatically improves the customer experience, and delivers the enterprise risk management controls that leading institutions require.

Dealpath powers real estate acquisitions, development, and financing teams with a purpose-built platform designed to generate optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Institutional investment firms today face an increasingly complex and competitive real estate market. Real estate deal teams require actionable insights, swift deal execution, and improved efficiency — value-multipliers that are only achieved by leveraging new, best-in-class software tools. From sourcing new opportunities, underwriting, due diligence, and closing through ongoing development and active portfolio management, having key information organized and instantly accessible is essential in a data-centric world.

Leading firms are actively seeking out new and innovative software solutions to deliver compelling returns and build enterprise value. To justify new technology, however, firms need hard metrics that quantify the financial impact of these solutions. The real estate industry is primarily turning toward cloud-based software due to demonstrable cost savings, operational efficiency, and convenience. According to Forbes, in a CSC study, 82% of companies report saving money on cloud solutions, while other research shows they can save up to 30% on IT costs by employing cloud resources versus on-premise equipment.

Dealpath equips modern real estate deal teams with a cloud-based deal management platform. The platform brings together deal analytics, deal tracking, integrated file management, and collaborative workflows, all of which have a well-documented ROI. An analysis of Dealpath customers and prospects — comprised of several thousand data points, extensive customer surveys, and interviews — has resulted in a deep understanding of the value and benefits achieved with Dealpath.


Return on Investment (ROI) of more than 475% on average(on an annual basis) Reduction in due diligence and underwriting errors (on an annual basis)

Dealpath users save an average of 22.5% of their time and Dealpath reduces errors and oversights through re-allocate it to value-add activities. By maximizing their most improved communication, centralized information, valuable resource — their time — Dealpath delivers value that and process standardization. far exceeds the cost, justifying immediate investment.

Reduction in due diligence and underwriting errors (on an annual basis)by 18.1% and improved process by 21%.

Dealpath reduces errors and oversights through improved communication, centralized information, and process standardization.

Reduction in deal Turn Around Time (TAT) by 9.5 days or 87%.

Dealpath automatically collects and formats data with customized templates designed for real estate transactions. This significantly reduces the time needed to evaluate and execute new investment opportunities, often from weeks to days.

Lift in team productivity by over 50% on average (varies by deal type)

Through pipeline tracking and deal analytics, teams are able to eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, collaborate effectively, and deliver actionable data-driven insights to produce optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Customers across geographies, deal types, property types, deal sizes, and tax structures report improvements to their investment process from leveraging Dealpath.

Some Examples Include:

• A large, privately held investment management firm focused on retail properties replaced their static pipeline tracking with Dealpath’s intuitive, always up-to-date dashboard and command center. With real-time data at their fingertips, they saved 4 hours per week, per user, on reporting tasks alone.

• A publicly traded REIT with development operations spread out nationally began using Dealpath as their centralized deals database for all their documents, data, and project scheduling. As a result, they increased weekly productivity by over 70% according to their internal audit.

• A top 10 firm on the PERE 50 list was able to use Dealpath’s powerful deal analytics and deals database to institute a more data-driven decision-making process that enabled them to begin evaluating over 300 attributes and data points per deal.

• A 15-person private REIT leveraged Dealpath to standardize their deal process. They were previously sourcing and executing deals on an ad hoc basis and without a repeatable process. They used Dealpath to institute a streamlined project schedule, allowing them to close 25% more deals every year, without a single project falling behind schedule.

• A Fortune 100 real estate company used Dealpath to centralize their deals, assignments, communications, and emails into a single, cloud-based platform. No longer having to chase down data or manually build reports, employee satisfaction rose by 63%.

• A major industrial acquisitions firm was dependent on Excel for reporting and Outlook for all their communications. With real-time access to their data and a collaborative deal workspace, they were been able to save 8.5 hours every week on administrative tasks.

• An affordable housing development team adopted Dealpath to be their single source of truth for property data and files. With airtight version control and improved accountability, they reduced errors in underwriting and due diligence by 33%.

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