David vs Goliath. We All Know How The Story Ends.

David vs.Goliath. We All Know How The Story Ends.

Everyone has an opinion.”This is the way it will always be.” “There need to be alternatives.” “I am pretty happy with the things are at this point.” “Someone needs to change the world. It’s done in so many industries all the time.”

So am I talking about commercial real estate or am I thinking about different industries in general?

For simplicity sake let’s look at two companies and compare a their perceptive philosophies strategy’s and positions in the market place.

Company A.

Established as one of the industry leaders.

Company B.

Lean mean start up machine.

Company A.

Securely backed and funded

Company B.

Funded for at least a five year burn.

Company A.

Multi-layers of management all from within the industry.

Company B.

Open flat and entrepreneurial structure with equity positions and 5-10 years of documented success outside the industry.

Company A.

Is know for and proud of the fact that they kill or buy anything that gets in their way.

Company B.

Is working diligently finding a solution to a problem that the user wants.

Company A.

Thinks they literally define the market and the scale of that market.

Company B.

Thinks the market is too small but still thinks that the scale will be endless.

Company A.

Defending their longtime position in the marketplace.

Company B.

Nothing to defend at all.

Company A.

Looks at the marketplace as driven by cycles.

Company B.

Looks at the market place as the here and now with their entry into it as perfectly timed.

Company A.

Earned reputation for poor customer service and satisfaction.

Company B.

Building a positive customer service reputation one customer at a time

Company A.

Technology or supposed use of has not changed for at least ten years.

Company B.

Technology in whatever form is used just as a tool.

Company A.

Faces directly inward at it’s industry.

Company B.

Faces outward to the user and consumer.

Company A.

Revenue directly taken from within the industry and never puts it back.

Company B.

Sourcing revenue from outside the industry.

Company A.

Data taken directly from the industry and sold aggregated for profit to whomever will pay the price.

Company B

Data from within the industry will be sourced  from multi points and shared with all within the industry for free.

Company A.

They think a simple point of fact is that no one wants to can possibly try or even remotely will touch their world dominating position

Company B.

Could care less what Company A was is or what the think they are because they have already deemed them irrelevant.

My Opinion.

It seems so simple to me when you look at the above simple points which company has the best possible chance at long term success.

I certainly will agree with your assessment that their are so many many more points cycles decisions etc. that will effect the plausible and practical  potential success of each company.

With that said I  undeniably  would “bet the farm” on Company B.

To me watching Company A is like watching something dying and withering on the vine while the other is starting to plant seeds water cultivate and grow. ( See how I did not use a raunchy raw metaphor. I can be nice ..really.)

So which company are you betting on?

Which company do you think will be around in five or ten  years and why or why not?

Which company has the best interest of the users consumers and the industry as a whole in mind?

Most important question.

Which company do you want to be associated with and do business with?

David vs. Goliath.

We all know how the story ends!

Comment opinions and points of view are always appreciated.

Duke Long

  • This is Blackberry vs. Apple for the CRE industry.

    Hubris always brings giants down

    What’s a Blackberry, anyways?

    • What we really need is an iPhone with the battery life of a Blackberry. That’s the only reason they’re still around.

    • Agree in some sense, but what the iPhone did was look not to replace Blackberry’s, but the need for a home computer. So, this is where I differ with a lot of the crowd from our other discussion, in that I think the next big CRE tech “thing” may be bigger than CRE. And per Chris Clark’s comment – yes, need to work on that battery life thing …

  • Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

    I bet I can guess…

    • Duke Long

      Now Dominic don’t be assumin. 🙂

  • Literide

    If co B is 42 floors, there is a reason its free, and its not a good one