DATSCHA Mobile Layar App

Company Feature: Datscha

Datscha is a web-based service for analyses of the Swedish property market. The service includes information about properties, rental levels and transactions. Furthermore, it consists of a webbased DCF valutaion mode. Datscha has 1 500 users in 300 companies in seven different countries.

Why feature Datscha? Simple …they have a mobile app for commercial real estate.

Datscha has a mobile version of the services as a ’Layar’ (http://www.layar.com/) app.

It consist of ALL 370 000 commercial (including multifamily houses) properties in Sweden and will show the user:

  • Property name/id
  • Owner
  • Type of building
  • Size in squaremeters
  • Assement value


A video about Datscha overall


Company Contact:

Magnus Svantegård

Product Manager
Direct +46 8 507 053 58 Cell +46 708 24 40 58

Duke Long

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