Database Management. It’s Your Responsibility!

Database Management. It’s Your Responsibility!

They sat with the sun directly in their eyes. The silver car sat idling quiet, the sound of the air conditioning faint. The driver was prematurely bald and tan. His suit fit just right and his light blue tie was a clean contrast to his white shirt and deep blue suit. He leaned forward to push the button for audio off. He leaned back and extended his arm to get a better view of the Ipad he held at a slight angle.

“The sun is killing me and this thing is getting harder to read.”

” You have the entire parking lot open, you park directly facing the sun and then bitch?” His head was turned facing the passenger side window. The cufflinks were simple silver bars and reflected against the true blue suit. He adjusted his wedding band so that the diamonds faced upward. His wife had made sure that this one was expensive. He had lost the last three or four. He needed to pay more attention. He got the message.  “What are you trying to pull up?

” I’m trying to get the stacking plan for this location.”

” It’s in your database already right? All you need to do is pull up the map, and it should be there.”

” I have the map up. I need to focus in on this specific spot.”

” It has more than your companies locations, and it has updates of all of the buildings available?”

” Yes, I can look at all of the top building owners in the region, how many properties they have and who the top brokers are in the area also. Here look.”

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” What’s the circle?”

” That’s a graphic of all of the different property types in the area.”

” It’s just a better way of representing the data?”

” Yes, if you look in the left sidebar the same information is there. If you click on specific data points, it brings it up in real time.”

” Pretty slick. So why are you looking for the stacking plan?”

” There are a couple of reasons. It gives me the tenant mix and availability of this specific building. I’m trying to see if there is a fit for a client that I am working with. They have a parking issue where they are now, and they don’t want the same issue again.”

” Could you have just looked it up in the office and then went to Google maps?”

” Yes, probably but I also wanted to get a feel for the ins and outs and how the building looks and compares to the others in the neighborhood. ”

” We do know where the sun is at 10:30 in the morning.”

” You mentioned on the phone that you did a deal for 20k square in the building next door. How did that go?”

” Pretty much to par. The usual. The owner is begging for tenants and then when we show up with one they remember that the building was laced with gold.”

” They made it tough?”

” No, we just had to get them to respect the market. Are you getting to the stacking plan?”

” Here it is. It’s the entire building lease by lease and tenant by tenant.”

” Is that the actual lease terms for each tenant?”

” Yes, most of this information is public data now.”

” I thought that was the stuff that we kept in house.”

” Maybe you still do but it’s out there for anyone that wants to use it.”

” The lease terms are public record?”

” Yes and they have been for a while. Where have you been?”

” Doing deals and busting my ass, that’s where. Is there anything else in there that I should know about?”

” Not too much at this point.”

” Is there something you would like to see?”

” This thing needs to be more of a prospecting tool. I appreciate the database of properties and the tenant information. That is a huge part of why I have this, but I need more predictive data to help me understand the market. I need that data also to help me inform and service my clients. That’s why we are sitting here right now.”

” I am your predictive data source? I feel special.”

” You are also my historical source if that makes you feel just that bit more special.”

” I will feel extra special when you buy me a single malt scotch on the 19th hole this weekend.”

” You are of course assuming you will miraculously learn how to putt between now and then.”

” Oh, that’s how it is?”

” There is still data and information that you can give me beyond this that may help me.”

” I told you about the ownership next door. They have held onto that asset for a while, and I think they may be ready to move it. I’m not sure how strong they are, and when you stand them up against the other owners in this area it’s hard not to see.”

” Are they struggling with maintenance and debt service?”

” The maintenance has been just ok, according to my clients. They don’t see any significant improvements coming with the existing owners.”

” Sounds to me like there might be an opportunity for you there.”

” Hmm, maybe there is. I need to check my database and see who my contact is.”

” I already have it right here. ”

” Stop that shit. I have it on my phone somewhere.”

” I’m not going to go after them. Do you realize the building we are sitting in front of has all kinds of maintenance sensors in it and it sends that data out real time?”

” Yea, I have heard of that, and we rep quite a few buildings doing the real-time data thing. We group them together when we talk about them at our sales meeting. We use it to push our tenants on numbers and timing.”

” It’s part of what you do now for sales.”

” Hey, mister data we do a hell of a lot more than that. Last Monday we even talked about concierge services that we are offering tenants now.”

” Concierge, what in the hell are you doing with that?”

” Hell, someone mentioned laundry pick up, computer maintenance and a bunch of other things.”

” Laundry? What’s next?”

” You tell me. Someone is going to do it. I guess it may as well be us.”

” You’re worried about lease data and at the same time think a concierge service is just an ordinary thing.”

” All of this shit is moving pretty fast. You and I both know that.

” So, tell me why you don’t think you need to use a database like this?”

” Part of it is that I have do it my way forever. I have a good structure and backup behind me at the company.”

” Don’t you have a special user group within your company just for something like this?”

” Yes, but it’s not a mandatory thing. IT’s a group of guys who got together to help each other learn.”

” So do you think they see any benefit?”

” I’m sure that they do. I keep to myself somewhat, but I also keep my clients data and contact info as mine and mine only.”

” Did I not just pull up your building owners info in about two seconds?”

” Yes, but that’s different. I have some proprietary data that no one will ever see.”

” I have the same thing. I just make sure it’s secure in the system.”

” How do you know?”

” I pay to make sure. If I were not comfortable with that part of it, I would never have even started.”

” Maybe I need to take a more serious look at this thing. They guys in my office seem pretty happy and are willing to onboard me pretty fast. They are digging pretty deep into this data stuff.”

” I would also help in any way I could.”

” You’re not going to give up anything special just for me are you.”

” No, I’m just here to help. It makes us all better. I also have several putting tips that you need to listen to.”

” Give me a break. If you could hit a fairway once in a while, you might be dangerous.”

The car climbed the hill and the sun was now behind them. The passenger looked to his right and could see part of the city fading behind him. It was worth a shot he thought. He had one hell of a database. What deals might he be missing? How did he even know what that that meant? He had no way of tracking any data at all. It was his responsibility not someone “at the office.”

His database. His deals. His business.

Database Management. It’s Your Responsibility!



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