Cushman&Wakefield TechBeat. Beautifully Executed Consumer Facing Marketing.

Cushman&Wakefield TechBeat. Beautifully Executed Consumer Facing Marketing.

Showing your customer you know how to do it.

I have started to see it in a few markets.

Website and teams that target a specific customer base.

Case in point

C&W TechBeat.

C&W’s NYC Technology Group.

The technology industry is dynamic and constantly evolving – therefore, the real estate requirements surrounding this sector must also be flexible. The professionals in C&W’s NYC Technology Group share a deep understanding of the unique needs of technology firms, and will work with you to provide strategies and direction that align with your business objectives. Partnering with our team can help you achieve your real estate goals today, while anticipating the growth your firm may need for the future.

Tell them who you are and what you do…with video.

Show them a market and how it relates to them and that you actually understand what that means.

A Market Grows In Brooklyn.

cwtechbeat screenshot


Show them that you understand their business and how commercial real estate relates to it. The Evolution If A Startup.

Give them someone who can relate to them and talk about a business they understand…..maybe even on that Twitter thing like…..

Jamie Katcher @MidtownSouthCRE

Thrown in some stats because we love the numbers maybe some news and a map of their competitors/friends and what have you got?

Cushman&Wakefield TechBeat. Beautifully Executed Consumer Facing Marketing.





Duke Long

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  • Maybe Techbeat could find a way to help get the freeeeking lens focused up!!!!! How annoying is that to watch?! It’s the little things that tell you more about people and companies than the big ones….getting it right and being creative starts with understanding the medium you are using. This is the NY office of Cushwake? Really? WTF? There are 8th grade kids that could do better with their iPhones!…so the message is: Don’t be sloppy! People do watch this shit… especially in NYC!