Cushman & Wakefield Miami + Drones = #CRE Awesomeness

Cushman & Wakefield Miami + Drones = #CRE Awesomeness

I know it’s staring to happen. Drone marketing. I have seen it and heard that there are many more out there so why not hire somebody or buy a Go-Pro and your own drone, the possibilities are endless. Shout out to the Cushman & Wakefield Miami office.


Duke Long

  • Lowell Peabody

    Outstanding! Voice over sounds a little computer like but overall great video!

  • Dominic Zabriskie

    Love this! Awesome example, knew this was coming.

  • Howard Applebaum

    Are you sure it is not “animation”?

    I have been involved with using video, video email and video broadcasting for the past 2 years and also will be playing with “animations” over the next few months. Animation software is getting so good, that it almost can look like a real video if it is put together by the right “geek”.

    Howard Applebaum
    Corporate America Realty & Advisors

    • Howard,

      Where can I find the Animation Software that you are speaking about? It sounds interesting.


      Scott Krause

  • therealnovator
  • After being inspired by this article and video, I hired a videographer with a drone to make our next listing video. I think it turned our pretty slick.

    Can I get some comments on this video from some of you pros?–business-for-sale.html

    Thanks for your valuable time!!


    Scott Krause