Now wait a minute what CRUE are we talking about here? Maybe my brain was thinking Girls! Girls! Girls!

Well….Hello Ladies

Might I have the pleasure of introducing you to THE CREW. This is an organization which specifically targets members in the commercial real estate industry, who just happen to be women. The organization started in the 80′s and is based in the Boston area. It  has 74 chapters and 8000 plus members. They have a great historical base and mission statement , which is nice but, I’m a little more interested in how they function.

Dare I say Face to Face and Belly to Belly?

It’s called planned interaction. It has been my personal experience that most any activity or events involving the CREW will get you Face to Face with their membership.WOW, what a cutting edge concept! A little sarcasm in the last statement perhaps? One of the CREW events I attended netted me no less than 11 business cards and several affiliate inquiries.The events always have a defined theme and interesting speaker line ups. You will leave the event informed fed watered educated and ready to do business. Networking 101, they have it in spades.

The Ladies Have A Plan

If you were to step back and say “What are some of the best way’s to promote my industry and my business in my community?”  It would be?

  1. Career Out Reach: Find the best candidates available and help get real jobs for the people already in your organization.
  2. Scholarships: Find and recognize the best potential university candidates and help pay for their education via U-CREW.
  3. Mentoring: Establish standards and levels of education necessary and then actually teach and mentor people.
  4. Events: Educational ,interactive,off site, just for fun,for serious charity and causes. Oh ,and meet people that you can do deals with and make money.
  5. Recognition: Who doesn’t want that? How about Rising Star,Local Legend, Most Inspirational, Most active affiliate, Biggest Fish, Best Wine. Hey,the ladies know how to have fun.
  6. Affiliates: Interaction and relationship building with people and business resources you want to work with and absolutely need.

The Ladies Have Goals..And Are Not Shy About It.

To achieve parity in opportunity, influence and power in the commercial real estate industry.

CREW Network will have achieved this envisioned future when:

CREW Network is the premier resource and referral network for the commercial real estate industry.

Women of diverse backgrounds have unlimited opportunities in the commercial real estate industry because of CREW Network’s success.

Women have attained an equal number of seats at the commercial real estate table.

Women control 50% of all commercial real estate activities worldwide.

50% of all real estate firm CEO’s are women.

50% of private real estate developers and owners are women.

50% of presidents of major lending and banking companies are women.

CREW network is the real estate industry’s choice of association for the business and leadership development of its professionals. As such, companies, employers, and sponsors value and seek out CREW Network and its members as critical components of their success.

CREW chapters are the strongest local real estate organizations in every major market in the world.

Where the boys are?

Do they let the boys play? Sure they do. Men are allowed and encouraged to join. Please take the time to search out a chapter in your area. Attend an event bring some business cards have a drink network and I guarantee you will be amazed. The ladies just ROCK! Remember. CREW! CREW! CREW! CREW! CREW! CREW! CREW!

Oh shit I just thought of something. I’m going to catch hell for the Motley Crue and the Girls Girls Girls(stripper pole) reference. What the hell was I thinking? 🙂


Duke Long