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Not one to do any self-promotion,I maybe move the line over a little bit and do a feature post on   Jason Sandquist shot me a DM on Twitter.  Simply put, he asked if I may have interest in doing a Podcast for commercial real estate.  I said “Yea sure, why not.”   Well, what was I thinking?


Of all of the blog posts that I have written about online or real life conversations about commercial real estate, why not create some of our own?  The topics that can and will be discussed could be endless.  The first one with Executive Chairman Stephen Spooner is already available.


-It sounded like a ton of fun. Techy, geeky,nerdy? Wait, is that Jason?

-Explore  a creative side. You just can’t make it up …can you?

-Content. I have about 1000 ideas. I will narrow it down to like, 500.

-Cre People. I have said it many times, ” There are tons of very smart people in commercial real estate.” Let’s all listen and learn.

Take a look. Take a listen.

Rant, rave, opine, disagree, discuss, re-tweet, download, be a guest, suggest a topic, just do something!  Thoughts?

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Duke Long

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