Creating Content Writing Speaking Presenting and Commercial Real Estate.

Creating Content Writing Speaking Presenting and Commercial Real Estate

Has it really been that long?

A quick conversation with a buddy of mine reminded me of how long I have been writing,posting,presenting and speaking about commercial real estate more specifically online commercial real estate.

Decades and Decades 🙂 Ok not really but it seems that way sometimes.

In the past I have been a little reluctant to put myself out there as a speaker presenter and panelist. Why?

Well hell I admit it I’m old school and it’s been tough for me to embrace the openness that the online community has created.

You say “What?” “You are the most blatantly active loud mouthed self promoting CRE person I have ever watched read heard or seen online.”

Hey now chill out a little bit. So, I have an opinion and a …..attitude and I’m not afraid to use it. Someone has to stand on the soapbox and yell…or tweet something…  or post a video…..or write an open letter to the CEO of a company and publish it.

And then it gets interesting.

With all the posts tweets one liners videos panels phone conversations personal connections anonymous emails dm’s f bombs and lists believe it or not people start to create a connection. Most good and sometimes not so much but hey can’t please everyone can we.

Then the phone calls and emails start. “Would you be interested in speaking to our group?”  “I have read your stuff and it is the kind of thing our people want to hear.” “I was just talking to our board and mentioned you and asked them to take a look .” “Are you available?”

First off it is very flattering to have anyone mention that they have read anything that I have written and consider it good content. For them to take the time to connect with me in some way and do that is….beyond humbling.

Cleaning up my act?

In a word…NO!!

But I am starting to make a few changes adjustments tweaks and…stuff.

I have changed (Thanks Sarah or whoever) my profile pic on most of my profiles. Look at the 90 mph hair! That takes talent!

I will be doing some minor changes to the website and getting a cleaner look. Heads up Joe.

More significantly I will be adding a page to let people now what my scheduling availability is for speaking and presentations.

Before the changes are made I am using my About Page.


Duke Long is the Broker/Owner of The Duke Long Agency.

I am the creator and author of the blogsite

I have delivered numerous presentations, panel discussions, and moderated panels on the subjects of online commercial real estate technology, communication, marketing, branding, data, content creation and digital media.

Speaking Topics.

I speak and present on commercial real estate topics such as:

-Social Media: Making sense of it all.

-Building an online community: Finding customers and clients online.

-Developing an online reputation: How to create your brands online reputation.

-Creating content: What content should you create and who are you trying to reach.

-Business Blogging: Generating traffic, writing and creating valuable content.

-Mobile: Strategy: Applications and tools for commercial real estate.

-Commercial real estate data: What to do with it and how to maximize its value.

I have presented in front of audiences of varying sizes all across the country for local, regional, national and international companies and associations.

I am not a professional speaker but a business owner, commercial real estate practioner and communicator. The content is practical, actionable and results driven for today’s commercial real estate business.

Contact to schedule me for your next event or conference.

If you want to connect:



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No adds, no sales pitches, no listings push…… but maybe a little attitude!

Creating Content Writing Speaking Presenting and Commercial Real Estate.


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