“#CRE Is Sexy. #Tech Is Sexy. #CRE + #Tech = #NotSexy.” Hello New York.

#CRE Is Sexy. #Tech Is Sexy. #CRE + #Tech = #NotSexy. Hello New York!

It’s the truth.

I am not sure who should get credit for that quote but it is concise simple and oh so true.

So as you sit here reading this I am probably stuck in an airport terminal riding in a Uber car standing at a corner in New York on my way to some super secret world-changing commercial real estate tech meet up of some kind….or looking for a good slice of pizza.

I am in town to attend CRE // Tech Intersect.

It is this years absolutely must show up at how can you not attend don’t miss who in the hell are you if you are not here event. Hey,I’m here!

This can and should be without a doubt a watershed moment for commercial real estate technology. The seminal amount brain power influence ideas and $$$$ that will be connecting here is unprecedented.

Having said that.

Am I expecting too much?

It is after all commercial real estate and technology.

Let me reference what I consider the most brilliant post (not by me shocking I know) ever written about commercial real estate and technology by Bruce Kirsch. Click on the title and READ IT!

Not Even Airbnb Has Disrupted Real Estate Through

Innovation, And No Other Company Will.

“There is a lot of excited discussion and digital ink spilled about the notion of “disruptive innovation” related to technology in the business media, at conferences, at venture capital conference room tables, and in business schools all around the world.  And there is the misconception that disruptive innovation applies to the real estate business simply because real estate is a business that is being touched more and more by technology.”

WOW! Yea, that’s what I said.

So with that under our belt it will be more than interesting to see what the vibe/pulse/chatter/push forward will be this week.

If you are attending come up and say Hi!

Get a pic with me to post up.

Talk tech and commercial real estate trash with me.

Get serious and solve all the worlds problems.

Buy me PIZZA.

#CRE is Sexy. #Tech is Sexy. #CRE + Tech = #NotSexy. Hello New York!







Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/2462457722/


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