• Thanks for digging this up Duke, I knew I had seen something like this a few months ago but couldn’t remember where.

    • Jason,
      Thanks for reminding me. Need to keep up on this kind of stuff.

  • You totally hit it out of the ballpark by sharing this! Nice job, Duke.

  • Mike Neal

    Look Great, what would the service cost?

    • Mike,
      It was specifically built for the Brokerage. You may want to get in touch with the developer and see what is available.

  • Looks tasty. Thanks for posting Duke. I’ll be looking into this more. Looks to cover deal flow, analysis and marketing quite well. I wonder how does it do with contact managment(lead prospecting)?

    • Dan,
      I think more things will develop. I’m waiting………

  • Thanks Duke. Looks like we are moving towards interesting mobile mashups to help CRE pros (CREOpoint.com is also optimized for the iPad). Enjoy your weekend.