Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 5

Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 5.

When will we see the Black Swan Moment for Commercial Real Estate?

When will we see the moment that all of the instantaneous mobile immersed networked personal augmented sensor driven data becomes more valuable than the actual location it is created from?

Where will you be?

What will your role in commercial real estate really be then?

What does it look like now?

Giving the data away for free and paying to get it back?

Hanging on for dear life until you can “retire”?

Will just creating a transaction have any value at all?

If commercial real estate does not become part of the “network” will the network create the new global market for commercial real estate with out us?

Will just analyzing the data be enough to maintain commercial real estate?

Is creating the data of commercial real estate destined to become an outdated commodity?

Black Swans Disruption Mobile Personal Networked Context and Commercial Real Estate.

It’s going to be one hell of a ride………….!






Duke Long