Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 3

Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 3.

Commercial Real Estate Becomes Mobile and Interactive.


Possible tenant is walking or driving for that matter next to your building…and what do they see…A sign with ” Brads Chads Christopher’s Justin’s Ryan’s or Matt’s” name and phone number…that’s IT! A Sign Board In A Window. Yes it’s 2012 and that is still the technology that we use which by the way started back in 1800’s and something. You say “well it still works”…….Really now?  Don’t even bring up QR Codes. So that’s the best we can do…….sad.


Consumer walks into a mall with 110 stores and automatically their phone highlights some items from each store that are on sale. One touch of the screen and it automatically highlights the specific stores that consumer (my fifteen year old daughter and her friends) just have to shop at. As they walk  into each store it automatically tells them what products they may want ,what sizes and colors are available and what the discount price is if they buy today. Oh and if it is not available at that very moment the store will ship it to your house. Sound far fetched. It’s not. One App already launched that does exactly that is called Mall360 created by Wishpond.

So of the two scenarios above the retail experience seems more natural and dynamic because it involves location a consumer product and a consumer. Which means a building for sale or lease has……none of those……..three elements? Please tell me you don’t really think that.

There is an element of commercial real estate that is not taking context into consideration at all. Everyone and everything is a data point and for the dumb asses who don’t understand the point I am making I will spell it out!

A building a location and the interaction within is THE data point.

The people who occupy use walk into and even walk or drive past create the data for that building and location.

Which creates the REAL VALUE!. Read that again REAL VALUE!

I have stated many times that Location + Data = Commercial Real Estate.

Well here is the NEXT.

Mobile Real Time Data+Personal Location= Interactive Commercial Real Estate.

Which brings us to Context and Commercial Real Estate part 4.




Duke Long

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