Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 2

Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 2

Big Open Data and the Cloud.

I have written in the past many posts about commercial real estate data and the cloud.

There has seemed to be a bit of push back from the commercial real estate industry for the simple reason that the “old system” still works for a justifiable few. There has been a sense that there is no real reason to adapt to the technology. Which is fine if you want to embrace the ever popular stick our heads in the sand and it will go away strategy.

Let’s take a quick look at the construction industry and BIM. Building Information Modeling. Not only are they embracing the cloud they see it as the significant part of the evolution in the construction industry. Click here for an excellent article recently written for The Building Design + Construction Network.

Sooooo……..all true and accurate building data in the cloud….put there by…..the people who actually created and built it.

Information Collaboration, Business Collaboration, Iteration, Scalability. WOW, when you type those words out and think of commercial real estate data they seem….PROFANE.

Let’s take a look at a quick hypothetical example:

Power Company ABC owns 250 facilities. How much time effort money materials and people does it take to maintain those facilities. You do your own math.

The facilities and all of the data collection points within the environments of those facilities can and will share data between themselves.

How much data can and will be collected and analyzed in real time on those 250 facilities? Answer. As much as possible. Why?

Millions and Millions of reasons that’s why. MONEY!

The scale of the cloud and the possibilities that it brings along with the analysis of commercial real estate data in real time will bring a monumental shift in what data defines commercial real estate.

Data collection becomes automatic and in real time.

No permission will be needed to share or use that data and more importantly…

Context and Commercial Real Estate Part 3.








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