Connect Colliers Atlanta.How Do You Compare?

Connect Colliers Atlanta. How Do You Compare?

I will be attending the Colliers International Conference in Chicago this week as a guest. I have been invited to be on a panel that will discuss social media and commercial real estate. Of course any good panel needs a little prep and we have had some conference calls to discuss and define some general questions,topics and takeaways.The people are sharp professional and smart as hell (many thanks up front to Jodie Poirier for moderating or as I call it bull herding.) and I am looking forward to sharing and learning. One of the panelist is the CEO of Colliers Atlanta Bob Mathews. He mentioned a site that the Atlanta Colliers offices had put a considerable amount of time, money and effort into called

So I jumped on and took a look. Well, the questions and thoughts just started to flow.

Good points:

1. The effort and thought to do this in the first place.

2. National regional local commercial real estate news.

3. Opinions and stats about the commercial real estate market.

4. Videos. They are harder to do than you think.

5. Great Branding.

6. Like the LinkedIn connect and company page.

7. Social Media contact points or “channels”.


1. Where are the real people of Colliers Atlanta?

2. What other content could be put on the blog?

3. Why not blog every 3 -4 days. The content ideas are in the thousands.

4. What is driving traffic to this site? Analytics?

5. What is the real audience?

6. Does just one person have access to put content on the site or is it specifically designed to be “filtered”?

7. Is the client/consumer getting a real look at the Atlanta market or has someone decided this is all they need to see.

8. Is this site just for recruiting? To say “yes we do understand social media”.

9.  How do I find property for sale/lease?

10. Contact. Contact for what and who? The press? What do they have to do with this site?

11. Contact. What about a specific building or person and all their contact info that they will immediately respond to. Test this… I DARE YOU!

12. Map of all available properties? How about scroll over and get immediate building info and contact info. CLICK.

13. Twitter feed. Just for PR? Come on man!

Let’s be clear!

In no way shape or form am I criticizing Colliers Atlanta or their time, effort, people or execution of this site. Just the opposite in fact. I am trying to show what I consider is an example of what commercial real estate and the online space/experience/brokerage/professional is doing today. Anyone can sit back and say well, you should do this and do this. Doing it is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. Kudos to the Colliers Atlanta team for pushing the edge and sticking it out there. I would certainly enjoy any thoughts comments. By the way how does YOUR  online commercial space compare?




Duke Long


  • I am probably preaching to the choir, but you are providing a “personal” social media experience to your audience, not just a using or practicing social media. You posts and what you do, are, sometimes a flow of consciousness to the web and you are learning how to make it effective, for your purposes. What Colliers has done is hire the coders to type the code or the experts to say this is what works in social media. They have not yet fully analyzed what their own purpose of using social media is. To use an analogy, they have not yet found their host for their radio show.

    As you well know, it is a process of hit and misses and discovering what is going to work for our purpose. Lots of misses. The difference is that Colliers is starting with the social media and trying to find their way to the personal experience and you and I have started with the personal experience and trying to master the tools of social media. I could be wrong but social media starts with “social” and is a very social and personal experience. People personally relate to us and we will build our audience because of who and what we are. That is what Colliers needs.

  • Thanks for bringing CRE websites into a discussion. I applaud Colliers-Atlanta for initiating an effort to improve its online presence – but this may be a step backwards. There is a great risk that this site could compete against rather than compliment its main Colliers-Atlanta site – which I think is . It’s unusual to see an entire local office sub-site or sister site for a national player. What’s far more successful are team sites. I think that a site dedicated to the xyz office team at Colliers-Atlanta would serve a greater, more well-defined purpose. Also, a team site would/should allow a breakaway from the corporate template into a minimalist, HTML5 and/or mobile friendly version (why do these major players need to have such an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink dashboard on their homepage?)
    As a site user, I would rather land on – and go about my business of quickly finding a property and/or a person. At this new site, its a challenge to find either.
    I’ll look for their retail team at November’s ICSC Southeast in Atlanta! – thanks, Duke

  • Duke – good luck with your panel. Who else is on it and when do you go up? Just back from CREW Network – their network still works very well in the personal space (where I finally had face time with long-time Twitter friends), but much to learn about social.

  • Duke,

    Bob Matthews, besides being a class act, epitomizes the combination of old school and new school. What surprises me about the Atlanta commercial real estate market, given the large number of major social media marketing companies headquartered here, is that the companies failed to purchase the websites focused on Atlanta, including neighborhoods, commercial real estate.