Somebody Is Not Paying Attention. That Is A Big Mistake. Somebody Is Not Paying Attention. That’s A Big Mistake.

And of course it started with a phone call.

It was sometime last year that I received a request to connect and take a call from Michael Mandel. He had a world (they all have) beating idea. Lease comps aggregated on a platform populated by brokers.

I think my response was “Ok sounds great but how will you get brokers to trade and how will you scale this?”

Well here it is maybe a year later and guess what. He and his team are doing just that!

Who is not paying attention?

Well probably a lot of people at this point. Big mistake.

If I were a large aggregator of commercial real estate data this should scare the shit right out of me.

Why? Simple. Brokers share the true gold of commercial real estate data lease comps between themselves.

Reread that. They share the data between themselves without anybody else scraping compiling verifying and charging to get it back.

Simple and Brilliant!


Duke Long


  • I would assume that Compstak will at some point have to start charging for this service. How do they make money after all? What’s their revenue plan? It’s an interesting concept but maybe a bit too specialized to really scale nationally.