Companies Culture and Fun. Ascendix Shows Us How To Do It!

For some reason recently, there has been a bunch of buzz on Twitter and other platforms about companies specifically startup companies and how they want or need to create a culture in and around their people.

I’m in and out of offices all the time and see it every day. You may have seen Tweets from me showing companies playing indoor soccer in their offices, hidden rooms with fully stocked bars, kitchens that rival any high-end restaurant. The list goes on and on.

I think most of us get it, no human wants to work in some kind of cubicle hell and certainly, most all of us want to work with people who think the same.

Building a culture is much more than an open bar and snacks, wait maybe not depending on who you are but none the less it can and does take many forms.

Which brings me to and their awesome video.

I have known the CEO of Ascendix Wes Snow for many years and he and I have had many conversations about all kinds of companies and technology. Wes is also a long time and continuous supporter of my site and I can’t thank him and his people enough for that.

Wes is what I would call a “structured” person. To my point, we did a podcast a few months back and I joked to him that I heard him miss part of a syllable in a word so we needed to do the entire thing over. We both got a great laugh out of that.

So, when this video popped up in front of me I was curious….and after I watched it I was like “wow, how cool is that!” I did not see that coming from Ascendix. It shows another side of the company and I think it’s a fun one. The quality of the video and the production is outstanding.

It just goes to show you there is always more going on within a company than most of us see and if there is an element of fun and not taking yourself too seriously then why not do it!





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