Commercial real estate video,well it’s embarrassing.

Oh, the bad.

All talking heads in a corporate news format,and of course with the ticker running below to make it look like it’s really important.

The subject matter,you know the incredibly deep complex matrix /double dip/ whatever market cycle stuff.

Only topics of a general commercial real estate nature.  Only the major markets and always the same question, “Where’s the bottom?”  Original ?  Not so much.

Only the top Ceo’s from major brands.  How else would the marketing/pr department of these firms justify getting a check if they did not secure a spot for “The Man” on CNBC ,MSNBC ,BLOOMBERG, etc.  Besides, his wife wants to show her friends at bridge club,” See he still has the same hair as when we met.”

The YouTube stuff.  I know that we are all just learning and getting into this but, WOW!   Just take a quick look It took like ten seconds and you are back right?

Scamming late night investor like crap.  There you go, pull in the “investor” who is up a three in the morning, because they have no job or money…except maybe the $299 to buy the “system.”  Do us a favor,quit using real estate to sell BS dreams.  Jump in the tank with the rest of us or change products to something that really sells like Ginsu Knives!

The fact that there are no real actual buildings in hardly any of the video.  If there are it’s looks like a Sony beta cam from 93 was used. But you say,” why put in buildings when I could put my FACE on the screen instead?”

I have avoided video for a reason.  It’s called No Ego.  It’s about the building and people who occupy the space.

What should it be.

How about actual tenants and their experience.  There are people working their behinds off, and paying the rent.  Don’t think that is compelling? Then how about video of the owners when the tenant leaves.  Good luck with that story.

How the building compares and competes with surrounding structures, now that is some interesting information. Afraid to let your opinions out?  Maybe the competition will not be so hesitant.

You might be surprised at what the human element means to potential clients/buyers/owners.  The relationships are the business.  Simple statement.  What happens when they go bad?  Unfortunately we have all been there.

Topic Ideas.

How about a entire series on distressed properties. Yes, I know the mainstream media has beat this to death. How about something real in your backyard?

Show them vacant and rotting because of the banks. Well, we could go on for days about this one.

Show a total rehab of mixed use space and what type of tenants are attracted to it.  Think of the clients/owners/potential tenants/bankers that would find this fascinating.  Who else is going to show them who ,what, how, we just get it done?

Do a corporate portfolio series on the good and bad of how it’s done.  The corporate sector has thousands of layers.  Topics for days!

Rehabbed retail outlets or decaying retail outlets. Re purposing of the retail space and why the use mix works,or is not working for that matter.  Retail is a huge topic of interest. Cabillions of dollars effecting everyone!

Hey ,you know what else, there are a ton of buildings and projects that have changed and adapted.  Some of them have…dare I say it, survived and prospered. Why not show the real world successes? It does not have to be fluff, but the truth  and success can be inspiring.

The future

Let’s be honest.  We need some HELP.  YouTube , Live streaming, Facebook ,Twitter, Vimeo,U stream,Live cam.  Tons of channels for the world to see commercial real estate.  The story is about the building, the clients ,the owners, the tenants and maybe even a little bit about you.  We have the chance to show the world commercial real estate.  The technology is there, the platforms are there mostly for FREE.  What are we going to do?  Sit on our crusty behinds and hope or embrace adapt and start kicking some tail.  What  suggestions do you have?

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Duke Long


  • Good ideas Duke, thanks. Videos uniquely help with search engine optimization and e-learning.

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  • Hey Duke, Just catching up on some reading. Good perspective and another fun read!
    Although the technology is definitely here and a relatively small number of “early adopters” (early in the commercial real estate sense) have leveraged video successfully, I think that the final barrier for the commercial brokerage masses is TIME and resources. The time it takes to shoot quality content and also the the time it takes to then put it into a professionally presentable condition for publication and syndication (editing, voice, music). Unless the individual or company has the resources to have suitable talent in-house or hire it, the video tasks fall upon the individual conceiving the content. Even with execution resources available, the individual still has to take the time to develop the content concept and be the Editor.
    Some are of the mindset that getting Any video out there (regardless of quality) is worth it, due to the SEO benefits alone. Others resist putting anything out, unless it suitably reflects their branding, image, etc. and would be helpful/useful for their targeted audience.
    I lean toward the latter and applaud those who’ve already been successful. I plan to be joining their ranks soon!