Commercial Real Estate Technology Research and Development. Does It Exist?

Commercial Real Estate Technology Research and Development. Does It Exist?

Great Question.
Your first response must be that it does indeed exist.
Every major company must have some sort of R&D.
We all assume companies like Apple Dell Oracle Salesforce IBM Volkswagen Pfizer Nokia and Samsung have big budgets for R&D.
They have to just to keep up. Right?
By definition: Research and Development for Companies is…..
“Investigative activities that a business chooses to conduct with the intention of making a discovery that can either lead to the development of new products or procedures, or to improvement of existing products or procedures. Research and development is one of the means by which business can experience future growth by developing new products or processes to improve and expand their operations.”
So for commercial real estate that means?
We are conducting activities making discoveries and spending money to do………..WHAT?
Than you Ladies and Gentlemen for your time. Go back to your commercial real estate business and don’t worry. All is good.
The simple point.
If you spend anytime at all scanning or clicking on this site you will see many articles or posts that feature a varied assortment of tech companies that are creating products for the “commercial real estate vertical.”
In an email last week to me a prominent CEO of one of these tech companies wrote this:
“With all of these go-getters trying to launch tech products that, realistically, only a very small % of the industry is going to adopt, will the collective effort get the industry to start thinking about marketing/leasing/facilities management software as an expected use of capital, or will it all be for naught? Pretty astonishing that if you look through the 10-Ks of any of the major REITs / large commercial owners, you never see software or R&D mentioned once, anywhere. There’s no other multi-billion dollar business that can claim the same.”
Well that says it all does it not?
What do you think?
This is a subject that needs far more discussion so let’s get it started.
There are some brilliant people in commercial real estate with amazing points of view.
Please help push commercial real estate forward.
Commercial Real Estate Technology Research and Development. Does It Exist?
Opinions points of view and comments are always appreciated.
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Duke Long

  • hfklaw

    Hopefully, you will take the thoughts of a common person who thinks a lot, like yourself.

    My thought is that there is little or no commercial real estate technology research and development. There isn’t enough money in it and the market is too small. To the extent that there is any innovation, it comes from the companies developing for the massive consumer market and then adapted by those in commercial real estate with the passion and ability to dream how those innovations could be applied to our lives. People like you and me.

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