Commercial Real Estate Storytelling. Once Upon A Time.

Commercial Real Estate Storytelling. Once Upon A Time.

Too Obvious. 

We do not tell the story of what commercial real estate is.

We do not create a compelling story.

We do not even try.

Is it too boring?

Is it too hard?

What we are!

We are where the human race works.

We are where the human race creates.

We are where the human race communicates.

We are where the human race interacts.

We are where the human race feels part of a team and community.

We are every office floor building block city.

What does this say to the world?

Red Bull Content Marketing.

Too extreme?

Not scaleable?

“Can’t compare Red Bull to us. That’s not fair. Different segment. Different product.”

What does Red Bull sell again?

Red Bull tells a story.

Red Bull creates the story.

Red Bull is the story.

Commercial Real Estate And Storytelling. Once Upon A Time.



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Duke Long

  • Ed Selkow

    Another Duke Long home run! Story telling is the basis of ALL human communication.

    Love your “What we are” realization!

    Great stuff from our only slam poet with a shoeshine in the CRE world.

    • Duke Long

      “Slam Poet.”…LOVE IT!

  • Sara Regan

    So true. Storytelling can be compelling in any industry. Sure it takes a lot of hardwork, but it’s worth it. It’s time to innovate in the content space for Real Estate, and there are some great companies showing you how to do it. I won’t plug anyone specifically in the comments, but google ‘how to create content in real estate’ and you will see what I mean ūüėČ

  • Neil Johnson

    Great stuff, Duke! As a card-carrying adrenaline junky, I think I favor an “action / adventure” or “suspense” spin for my commercial real estate stories. This business is definitely not for the faint of heart.

  • David R Dunn

    Great stuff. Thanks for the inspiration and the morning boost. I am ready for the day. Bring it on!!!!