Commercial Real Estate Photography. WOW!

Commercial Real Estate Photography. WOW!

It Sucks!

Now you know this is going to be to easy to say but it just plain SUCKS!

There is not even anyone who will argue the other side of this point.

I could show a thousand examples or maybe just give you the link to google commercial real estate photos and…..

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Ah the symbolism…it’s sad…looking up to the monolith and showing how big someone thinks their”member” really is.

The “real” people in suits shaking hands and looking like they are actually doing something….real.

And of course the number one must go to commercial real estate pic…….

The reflective generic sparkly glittering glass shot.


That’s it?

That’s how we want to project commercial real estate to the world?

Obviously or we would change that right?

I guess not!

What should we do at the very least.

Simple do what does.

They know how to do photography.

They do it professionally and they do it all over the entire world.

Why in the hell commercial real estate does not do this is …..way beyond me.

Oh wait I know it makes way to much sense.

And of course the decision makers of commercial real estate have yet to see the true value of a photograph.


The airbnb model is brilliant.

It’s simple.

It creates value.

It shows the property or space in a beautiful and profession form……

To the consumer!

Thoughts opinions comments and points of view are always appreciated.


Duke Long