Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Explained With Downton Abbey Gifs. (Seriously)

Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Explained With Downton Abbey Gifs. (Seriously)

The Art of The Deal. (Mostly)

And it begins.

downton17 looking forward

You put in your initial offer.


They counter back.

downton 22 folding paper

Your “partner” in the deal puts in their two cents.


They suggest a face to face.

downton 20 tears

You decide to meet over dinner to discuss the deal. You “accidentally” meet the other principles son.

downton 19 waiter

The other principle asks you about your financing and any possible pending litigation.

downton18 smoke

Your “partner” overhears and starts to actually answer the question.

downtown 22 big head turn

The other principle asks why you think your number is the right number.


He responds with a number thirty percent above yours and suggests it’s as low as he will go.

downton21 reasuring

You decide that this is getting you no closer to a deal and stand to leave.


On the way out the door you suggest to your “partner” that you meet tomorrow. He says ” but it’s saturday.” As you reach for the car door you look towards him.


As you sit in your office your impatient “partner” suggests that he call the other principle and up your number.


He looks at you and asks ” what am I here for if I can’t help put this deal together?” And you think….


He suggests that his relationship with the principles son is solid and that a call will help.


You remember that one of your assistants decided to come in and help just in case.


Your “partner” orders a double. He then starts to tell you the story about he and the other principles son met and why they are so “close.”


A couple of minutes later your drinks arrive and the phone rings. It’s the other principle. You listen. Your partner is trying to speak and reach for your phone.


They have decided to take your original offer. The timing is changed to help each side put their end together. You hang up the phone and look at your “partner.”


Later that night at a charity dinner you tell the wife about the deal and you whisper in her ear that you are going to take her someplace tropical and try and help her drink all the rum on the island.

downton18 laugh at table


Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Explained With Downton Abbey Gifs. (Seriously)

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