Commercial Real Estate Must Kill the PDF!

YES,IT IS TIME! Why?  We sit here every day and get our inbox BLASTED with how many e-mail PDF’s of property from sources all over the world?  What is the point?

Bad Marketing? Spam? Laziness?

So this is your property marketing strategy?

– A flyer made by the assistant in marketing=you are effin lazy.

– You blast out to LinkedIn discussion groups= you don’t want to discuss anything.

– You automate with lists,old lists,bad lists,lists purchased= God forbid you should be on a list.

–  Expect only about 20%-30% to open=pissing off and wasting the time of the other 75%.

– Set up a savvy to accept complaints from ISPs=you know you are a spammer.

– Limit the info available =If they happen to inquire,you can show your super sales strategy.

– Blatantly push your brand=not delivering value, creating resentment and just plain annoying someone.

– Putting your property “top of mind” status= It’s not listed anywhere,Loopnet, Co-Star, Commsource, E-property, Catylist, Google, your site,etc.etc.

– Assuming the potential client/ broker/user is stupid and does not know the market or market conditions= see previous.

– Assuming the client/broker/user will want to see property from AZ,NY,FLA,MN,TX,Dubai,India,etc.=see previous.

– Spam CRE Blast=put that name on every property pdf sent and see what the return on time,money and effort is.

Something Better or Just Techy Toys?

Well, what should you do instead?

1. Complete data,don’t be stingy.

2. Think Mobil. Are you the last human on earth without a phone?

3. Video, my thirteen year old has a flip camera.  How hard can it be?

4 .I pad apps. They are amazing gadgets…and how many millions have been sold.

5. Augmented Reality Layar app…for like the 1000th time, I mention this in a post.

6 .Hyper local lifestyle mapping.

7. Just plain fun free mapping.

8. Use a LinkedIN app.

9. Create your own marketing!

10. UH..YouTube..the number 2 search engine.

11. Please fill in your suggestions.

The quality commercial property that is marketed to today’s savvy client/investor/principle… using real technology……WINS!

Kill the PDF Blast once and for all?

YES… NOW…. PLEASE!!!  Thoughts?

Duke Long