Commercial Real Estate Ageism. (Or How To Write The Truth About #CRE and Make Everybody Hate You.)

Commercial Real Estate Ageism. (Or How To Write The Truth About #CRE and Make Everybody Hate You.)

Quiet Whispers.

You don’t hear them but I do.

They sneak them in conversations in a way that you may not even notice.

“Still uses outlook.”

“Has a flip phone.”

“Asked me about an update to Excel.”

“Industry is still 10 years behind.”

Those are the obvious ones.

How about the not so obvious ones?

“We still use print flyers.”

“Finally had to call them and tell them to take me off their broadcast email list.”

“They still want me to call them back instead of a text or email.”

There is a huge issue within commercial real estate that no one will admit to.


The demographics for commercial real estate have been well documented.

“When are these old fuckers going to die off ?”

It’s not so much the technology gap as it is the mindset that goes with it.

“We have always done it this way.”

“This is how we built this firm and it’s how we will continue to build it.”

If you step back and look at the commercial real estate world it is NOT CHANGING and do you know why?



And you think you are on top of it, which is the sad part.

You dominate the deals because of when you were born.

Yea, I said it “you get deals because you are the same age of the people you do deals with.”

It has always been that way and it will always be…..until you quit.

You know the young ones coming up don’t have a chance.

Put yourself in their shoes.

“Fuck that.” You say.” I have worked my ass off. Let the little shits earn it like I did.”

Skinny Pants and Bad Haircuts.

You’re the smartest one in the room….always….and you know it.

You look at the old dude across the room like a lion stalking a lame zebra. (yea it’s a metaphor.)

But guess what they know that you don’t?

You are afraid to talk to them.

Afraid of what they might say or write about you. It is your super connected world they are living in after all.

Why are you so worried.? Oh yea, MONEY.

You still need it to function in the real world and you have learned you need to kiss ass.

Yes, ass kissing for MONEY. It’s not the world you created is it……or is it?

You think you have created a world that only a select few can live in.

Guess what? No you have not. It’s only a world you have created in your mind.

No time to invest in a relationship. A LONG TERM relationship.

You think that “technology” or your born and bred understanding of it gives you an “advantage.”


It makes you look ARROGANT!

Your little technology “edge” is not any better or smarter than the next little geek wannabe.

( Personal sidebar rant. On a video conference call with some “young “tech people and I had a bad connection and needed to switch to the phone. Got the connection back. So I switched back to the computer connection. Simple right? The little shit on the other end is cackling at my “tech skills” as if I don’t know the difference between a phone and computer connection. BTW. One of his investors asked me about him and his place in his company. What do you think my response was?)

Anybody can swipe their finger left and right on Tinder, that’s not a skill.

Wait, maybe it is. If that’s the people you really want to meet up with then it is a skill.

But wait maybe you are smarter than that and realise that it is just a matter of time before you will RULE ALL.

It Is Inevitable……or is it?

Ageism exists in commercial real estate.

I’ve done it. You’ve done it. Just reread my little rant above. Ageism on my part?

Wait what about SEXISM and #CRE ?

Want to read that one?


Commercial Real Estate Ageism. (Or How To Write The Truth About #CRE and Make Everybody Hate You.)



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