Colliers International PropTech Accelerator Powered By Techstars. Demo Day.

Each year, technology plays a bigger role in all aspects of our lives. We believe that the commercial real estate (CRE) industry needs to think differently about how technology and data can enable our experts to deliver smarter, more personalized services to our clients.

The proptech industry – property technology or real estate technology –is growing globally with increasing support from and adoption by CRE companies. As each of these new companies are founded, we move further into the future of real estate.

For us at Colliers, this means an opportunity to explore and partner with proptech companies to…

-Create solutions across the property and commercial real estate industry – an industry of massive size and reach with total assets of ~$220 trillion worldwide.

-Shape technologies to deliver value enhancing strategies to our clients and better arm our professionals with game-changing business tools.

-Find opportunities at the intersection of technology and commercial real estate markets for our experts and investor and occupier clients.

Demo Day December 10th Toronto Canada

Watch The 2018 Class In The Full Program Video.

And get ready for the next class in the Spring 2019!

Duke Long

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