Commercial Real Estate CRM

ClientLook is a communication hub for commercial real estate. It keeps all of your project related updates, files and emails in the “cloud”. So no matter where you go or who you work with, you’re able to manage and share your important business content with ease.

Organizing the chaos.

Think about all the tasks you complete every day and the information you’re trying to store. You make phone calls, attend meetings, send emails and circulate documents. ClientLook organizes your updates, emails and files in one place so your team and clients can always be in sync. Suddenly everyone is spending more time on deal making and less time on administration.

Working in the cloud.

Everything you need to communicate with your team and clients is hosted for you by ClientLook. You’re not anchored to one computer or location since all you need is a web browser to access your projects data online. There’s no deployment time, no software to maintain and nothing to backup. ClientLook is available whenever and wherever – so you’re free to go where business takes you.

A better way to communicate.

By storing your important project information in ClientLook you create a powerful, lasting resource for everyone involved in your assignment. Everything about your projects is available on-demand. Your ability to deliver updates in real-time is a better way to do business, and your clients will love it. You’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Simpler is better.

A commercial real estate business tool isn’t beneficial unless you use it. ClientLook is made to be so simple and intuitive that there’s no learning curve. Don’t waste any more time making your deals more complicated than they should be. With ClientLook you have a better way to get the job done with less time and effort.

Take a look at the online tutorials and pricing, maybe get a  Free Trial. Click on the video below to get a real world look today!

Duke Long