CCIM Global Conference 2018 Summary. #CCIMGlobal.


Ah, The City Beautiful that is Chicago.

I just flew back red-eyed to New York after attending the 2018 CCIM Global Conference.

And as I am known for I usually do some sort of personal summary of some of the events I attend.

Why should this be any different? It’s not so let’s get started.

Wait, wait, wait, before I get started I need to give a HUGE shoutout to the team at Reonomy. 

They as in they were responsible for the creating the panel titled Transformation through Technology. I do a bunch of these and am scheduled to do many more in the next few months, so I think I know a little bit about how to do it. Well, Reonomy knows how to do it and they nailed it. First off it’s hard to wrangle some people sometimes because of schedules etc. Not to mention the Diva pains in the ass…wait that’s probably me…who think they know what the hell to do. They were professional, courteous and the big key for me was the way they structured the questions and content around each person on the panel. It seems simple to do but it’s not. Did I say they nailed it! I thought it had to be one of the best panels I have been on maybe ever. I received many favorable comments after and I need to be honest here. Out of the four people up there I was probably the weakest of them. The other three were stellar and Michelle the moderator kept it calm, easy, seamless and on time. Oh and did I mention my phone rang twice at the beginning??? Dude! Turn your phone off!  Seriously! Again I can’t thank the Reonomy people enough. Ooh, I forgot to mention the dinner with the team the night before. Wow, the food in Chicago!!

Here we go…

There you go…that was it!

Wait, what no diatribe about the city. Uh, no I love Chicago so…

No rant about the…nope, not this time because there is and or was no reason.

I met some amazing people. They are mostly all brokers so…yea I relate more than most and they are MY people.

I do need to give a quick shout out to…

APTO Who could not have been more friendly and nice…and if I could just get Tanner the CEO to sit still for fifteen minutes and record another podcast!

Buildout, Hustling it on home turf and handing out some of the best swag. Also, thanks for letting me “hide” my bags behind your table. I appreciate it. See you sooner than later.

Biproxi, Announcing their big launch and will I ever forget the Uber to O’hare? Uh NO! Yan and Thatcher, what a contrast and combination. I said it before, watch this team. They are going to flat out kill it!

OneSpot And my man Keith, just flat out hustling and doing meeting after meeting after meeting after meeting. That’s how you do it! Uh, Dude, we are in the same room, no need to text me three times just walk over 30 feet and talk to me! :):)

There it is, just a nice well-organized quality event.

Of course, there was so much more…and if you are interested you can always join and attend next years event or better yet start at your local level and I will see you next year!


+1 #JeanStrong Only you can look that spectacular!!!!



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