Can I Take You To The Real #CRE Promised Land?

In previous articles, I stated that “We All Now Live In The Commercial Real Estate As A Service World.” And with that “Some Will Win Some Will Lose. How To Make Sure You Are One Of The Winners.”  But, then again “Is The Commercial Real Estate Future Too Obvious?”

It’s “The Future” the always better than now future. The Promised Land.

Is that not what all these tech companies are selling you? The Promised Land.

Everything is cleaner, easier, simpler, and more efficient in The Promised Land.

How do you not have an incredible life and make more money in The Promised Land?

You and I are by nature skeptical and with good reason.

Parts of this we have all seen before. The Promised Land…only if you.

Only if you buy and use this amazing technology (that you are not supposed to understand) without which you will fall desperately behind the entire human race and wilt away forever.

You and I both know that there is ZERO truth in that statement.


We are coming into an era of technology within commercial real estate never imagined.

I know that’s a bold statement but in my opinion, it is a statement based on facts and truth, tangible and measurable facts and truths.

We now have the capability to scale globally and at a cost unheard of in the past.

Networks now exist that connect us as individuals and also structures instantly.

We can and will allow computers to analyze data and make (better) decisions for us.

These are just the start of many technologies already in place today.

Here’s an interesting thought, What new cutting edge technology are we using now that will be GONE very soon?

What will replace it?It has to be something we have not even thought about yet. (Elon Musk wants to populate Mars. How complicated is commercial real estate compared to that task?)

We are starting to realize we can and will solve some BIG PROBLEMS.

The tools needed are either there or are being worked on NOW.

Companies yes even legacy companies within commercial real estate are now FUNDING these ideas and tools.

Some of those same companies are willingly and openly doing pilot programs with the entire spectrum of startups.

An entire ecosystem is now surrounding those same companies within and without to guide mentor and embed technology into commercial real estate.

I call it the #CRETechDNA. (How long before that is corrupted by certain legacy companies hanging on for dear life?)

– A quick side. Let’s get this over with now. #ProptechDNA #realestateDNA #commercialrealestateDNA #creDNA #InvestmentDNA #OfficeDNA #retailDNA #industrialDNA #OccupierDNA #tenantDNA #yousawitherefirst.

Within my ecosystem (flashing a bit of transparency here) is a strong almost otherworldly network. Access to any and all with a depth of knowledge. Every day a growing understanding of how companies need to function for and with commercial real estate. And with that as much visibility and as much stealth as needed.

Is this transitioning from the old to the new? I think not.

This is different. Is it evolution? Maybe some but not all.

It can’t be. This is a bigger leap.

They all promise they all do but…

Can I take you to the Real #CRE Promised Land?

Hell, Yes I Can!



+1 Just when you think you have seen it all……..BOOM…….shhhhh, I can’t tell you yet. It’s that stealth thing.




Duke Long

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