Business Photos by Google. Commercial Real Estate Marketing No Brainer!

Business Photos by Google. Commercial Real Estate Marketing No Brainer!

Google Business Photos Service has been around for a couple of years but only in limited cities.

A quick email from a broker friend of mine in Indianapolis (my hometown) stated that the service was now available in other cities as well including Indianapolis.

Take a look at how simple a service this is.

Commercial real estate marketing and a No Brainer!

Do I really need to break it down in a list?

Have some questions? Click here for the FAQ’s.

Come on people you are smart enough to think this one thru…….I know you are.



Duke Long

  • on behalf of Google-Trusted Photographers every where, thank you! tons of features in these tours that businesses can use daily to promote themselves on line. Here’s one example – Zupan’s Markets, Portland, OR –, Beer aisle –, favorite beer –, same panorama – bread slicer – fresh content for social media, every single day

  • Mike

    This is a great tool for retail and restaurant businesses to show off their offerings, atmosphere and unique charms. Good call Duke! ~Your colleague in Boston, Mike Giles

  • We have done an office building, and also an printing plant, If you have a Google+ Local page or can create one, then we can put a 360 spin on it.

  • TourTheMapDotCom

    Thanks for covering our story here in Indy! You should have your friend contact me! tourthemap{dot}com

  • Cameron

    Duke, thanks for sharing – heard this was coming. Will try it out on a couple of office and industrial properties here in SoCal. Interested to see how it looks compared to some of the video work I have had done on listings?