Beyond The Hype: A Realistic View Of Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate TODAY!

If you have been paying any attention you may know that just recently Bitcoin traded at an all time high.


Along with the Bitcoin value surge, Ethereum continues to gain value although not at an all-time high it is still hovering around $300 per ETH. And that was starting from $0 (as in zero.)

Why are those values important to commercial real estate? Actually, they are not important, not as far as I am concerned.

There is rampant speculation about a bubble or no bubble. There are staunch arguments for both sides.

Again, not what I am interested in. If you like to watch certain markets and if that’s your thing then so be it.

Might this market be a bigger thing than what we see now? Many are betting on just that.

Part of the bubble issue and the arguments being made are that there are speculators betting on companies to build something and then find an audience/users for that product.

Most of the big money is going into platforms that speculate, trade or in some way help define the value of the market.

If anything it represents what many think will be a viable global currency and they are ironically putting their money where the mouth wants to be.

But, what if we look beyond that and see what I consider the real value. The infrastructure of blockchain itself.

The source code that enables that entire environment.

That’s what we should all be paying attention to.

Commercial real estate will benefit from the basic structure and usability of the blockchain protocol because of the inherent value of what it is and what it does.

Here is something you need to think about.

What does blockchain replace?

What is so compelling that an entire industry will adopt and adapt to a completely new form of technology?

At its very core blockchain protocol does what?

As I have written it creates the infrastructure of smart(let me make this clear)legally-enforceable smart contracts, that now and will continue to enable the sale, lease, and transfer of physical property. And it will do so by using natural language contracts which specifically create the authority of the external system: the smart contract on the blockchain.

Yeah, that’s what it does.

What is one of the things we do best in commercial real estate?


How about all the rest?

Yeah, we got that too!

Here is something else though. I’m not worried about adoption.

We don’t need to worry about mass (as in every human being in the entire world) adoption of Blockchain or Bitcoin for that matter.

What we need to do is just progress and use what works.

When you put it that way it does not sound so edgy, world changing and speculative.

It sounds like using and adapting to a tool (for the lack of a better term) that helps us all.

Could there be so much more? Of course, there can.

There will be many people, companies, and governments for that matter speculating that the layers on top of the blockchain structure will create the most value.

And they could be right.

I would imagine that the brilliant people in and around commercial real estate will be some of the people and companies doing just that.

And all the power in the world to them.

Look at all of it this way.

We are still mostly in the Alpha stage of this for commercial real estate.

Some are in and or working towards the Beta stage.

Others still are just a bit beyond that.

But please do this for me. Keep paying attention.

Not so much to all of the noise but to the real work being done.

I’m sure that I can trust you to do just that.

Beyond The Hype: A Realistic View Of Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate TODAY!


+1 What the hell is an ETH again?

+1+1 Look it up yourself

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