Baby Steps: Commercial Real Estate Disruption Events Update.

Baby Steps: Commercial Real Estate Disruption Events Update

Here is an update on the Commercial Real Estate Disruption Events I posted about in September.

What I know NOW.

The first event date: April 4th 2012

The event location: General Growth Properties Chicago, Illinois

Huge props to GGP for having the vision to jump start this event and push the commercial real estate business forward.

The times: The day will start at 9-9:30 and conclude at 2-2:30.

Format: Coffee and donuts before the event.

At this point I am looking at 20-30 minute presentations.

Break for quick lunch.

Finish on time and respect everyone’s time.

Content: 3-D Mapping,Google,GIS,Aug Reality,CRM,Mobile,Apps,Retail tech etc etc. for commercial real estate.

Speakers: I have made contact with a few. I am now taking proposals to speak and or present at my e-mail

Yes I have several contacts for presentations but I want to keep a very open mind and see what really cool stuff may come forward. Ya never know!

Networking: All day at the event itself. Also I plan to do something the night before. Preferably at a bar and casual get to know you kind of networking.

ICSC: International Council of Shopping Centers has stepped forward and offered to use their extensive knowledge resources and more importantly people.

ICSC is at this moment creating a website/event page that will allow members and non-members to sign up.

Note: You do not have to be a member of ICSC to attend or present at this event!

Huge props to ICSC for looking outside of it’s core to see what they can do to push commercial real estate. That’s call vision people!

Event Name: Yes there is an offical name and once the site is up we will blast it everywhere. Hey, we even have a cool logo.

Next: Look for announcements and the site launch very soon. Also scan your data bases for potential speakers/presenters and attendees.

One more thing: I will be heading to the west coast in the next couple of weeks to connect and do a little scouting. LA and San Francisco are strong front runners for the next event most likely with June/July event date and maybe New York in the fall.

Baby Steps Baby Steps. Now fire up those databases and Internets.


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Duke Long

  • Dave Lewand

    Really looking forward to this one, Duke! Kudos to you, ICSC and GGP. It will be a great opportunity for our team to debut new technology, and I’m looking forward to the person-to-person, hands-on exchange that this environment will encourage.

  • Janice Phalen

    Duke, I started a similar event in the SF East Bay. Topics that really grabbed attention were also legal issues for CRE owners. Would you contact me to discuss? It was the “Income Property Education Series” that we ran for almost three years until sponsor dried up, due to the economy. Look forward to discussing with you! I also ran the Sperry Van Ness Broker Forums in the same area for the local franchisee.

    • Janice,
      Very interesting.Always willing to discuss.

  • Anonymous

    I’m betting this one’s going to be quick, crisp, clean and with a little schtich. Because that’s Duke Long. 🙂

    Hope it’s awesome, Duke!

  • Curtis Gabhart

    What about a presentation on using virtual assistants for commercial brokerage?

    • Anonymous

      Send me a quick overview to my email and we will look it over. Open minded and always looking for interesting topics an people.

  • Eagerly looking forward to attend this event.I hope it would be very lucrative for all the persons involved in the real estate industry.

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