Autonomous Is About More Than Just Cars!

There is, in my opinion, an unrealistic idea of what commercial real estate will even be in three to five years.

As the world is lurching forward we sit stagnated and pompous in our understanding of the signs.

It’s a given that within three to five years autonomous cars will be on the road and in less than ten they may dominate.

You are fine with that and so am I. I’m not sure why you are but I know why I am.

An autonomous car is in all respects a computer on wheels, it’s the software that drives it.

It’s all about computers and software, not metal and wheels.

What kind of changes will that bring for us normal human beings?

Will we need insurance? If I don’t own it why should I pay to insure it?

Will we get busted for drunk driving? If I’m not diving then the definition of driving impaired is mute!

Will we need to own a car? The cars I have now sit possibly 99% percent of the time in a garage. Why have that expense?

Here is something to think about, if a commute is reduced to sitting in a car and not driving is it even considered commuting?

Is that time better spent working? Let’s say it’s one-half hour each way, that’s one hour of productive work time gained each day. Add that up over a year and that’s a serious number.

What if people do not even need to commute at all. Why have a specific place to go to work?

We can today work from basically anywhere.

The bigger question is what type of work might we actually do?

If a car can run itself what other tasks will be automated?

Many tasks that are redundantly done by humans will be done by some form of software and most likely done 1000% better.

I see you shaking your head, thinking that might not be possible.

Let me prove my point.


Computers can now (as in today) detect cancer (4) as in four times more accurately than humans.

Think about this. Think!

Let me make it even more real for you.

If God forbid one of your children or grandchildren had to get a diagnosis for cancer which doctor out of four do you want to have make that diagnosis?

If you went to four doctors and only three gave the same diagnosis which one of those doctors out of the four would you believe.

Or do you trust a computer and software solution that is four times more accurate? We are talking about your children and our grandchildren here!

You know the answer, you know the one you would pick, the one that can do a diagnosis four times more accurate than any human. It’s your babies for fuck’s sake.

So, why would you not use the same mentality when doing something simple like deciding where to sit your ass when you do some work.

Seems almost ridiculous when put in that context.

When does it (the process) become 100% better? Sooner way sooner than you think.

The world has not and will not stop just because you have decided it can’t and won’t.

How might this affect your daily business?

Let me throw a bit more context on this for you. How about what you think still matters the most…relationships.

Let’s go back to the cancer thing to help with further definition.

I know many doctors. They are all trying to do the very best that they can. I like them. I hang with them, I play golf with them.

BUT, if I have a choice of using a technology that has at the very least a 4 times more accurate chance of finding cancer in my body, FUCK the doctors. Find the fucking cancer.

How important is my relationship with that doctor at that point? Fucking ZERO.

They can give me all the two footers they want, I could care a fuck less about that.

Hell if it comes down to that I will put the computer in the golf cart and take it for a loop.

That’s the thing I need a relationship with.

Ok, I know this is getting a bit off the rails, or is it.

I’m not trying to paint any kind of dystopian future, not at all.

I am just trying to state what the rest of the world has decided reality is and will be.

What happens next?

Hell if I know, well maybe I have some idea.

There is one thing I know for sure.

I’m betting on the software. I betting on that computer and software solution that’s 4 times better. I betting on it with my life.

What do you think the rest of the world is doing now, today, making the same rational decisions.

It’s not hard to give up something if there is a clear better choice.

I love cars (Born in Indy Graduated from Speedway HS) I was brought up in the culture of cars, but I hate driving them in the ridiculous shit show that is the traffic we all face daily.

If some nice cushy car pulls up in front of my house and takes me wherever I want to go without all the stress and cost associated with driving then send it my way and I will gladly pay.

Do you think some of your existing clients are thinking the same way?

Are you making it too hard for them to make that decision?

What if it’s made for them?

This is not about the elimination of you it’s about the autonomous process. The inevitable autonomous process.

By definition autonomous is: acting independently or having the freedom to do so.

And exactly where does that leave you?




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