Attention = Monetization? You Are Not In Charge.

Attention= Monetization? You Are Not In Charge.

What kind of attention are we talking about?

The screaming and yelling kind of attention? The shake your ass kind of attention? The camera loves me kind of attention? How about we are the biggest and best kind of attention? Of course there is always the we don’t need any attention kind of attention.


We are all searching. Searching no not for property, not for customers, not for leads. We are all searching for attention. It sounds wrong. It sounds unprofessional. It sounds dirty, but we all do it anyway.


$$$$$ Money that’s why. Why post? Why Twitter? Why broadcast for attention at all? You think it will bring in $$$$$ Money.

Can You Do It Alone?

Sure you can. Can you do it as well as let’s say……..your biggest competitor? You think so and well good for you. What if they have a team of let’s say five people whose sole focus and job is to attract attention to their brand their product and their people? You think you can still hang. You have got the time allotted, the technology necessary and the plan to execute. You are awesome!


It’s a bit obvious is it not? You and the company marketing (chick) ( you think it I say it) person have all the bases covered. You have a total digital plan. If you think you are missing something you just Google it read three articles about it and BOOM you are on top of it. Five of them against one of you and one sixteenth (she does have to take care of the whole shop) of a marketing person and you are rolling.


You can do it. You know it. It’s not that hard. What is it again 5-5-2-1. You know what I am talking about. Consistent well planned execution. It’s working….or is it?

The Race.

Really it’s just a race. A race to end all races. A race of futility. Here is why.

Hands around your throat?

Company A has a team and they are looking for scale. Scale means that they are looking for a point. A point at which all the attention that they bring to their product their company and their brand and their people will = Monetization. It’s the only reason they exist.

How do YOU scale?

Wait your right. You have your company “brand.” You are targeting a specific customer base in a specific geographical area. You have drilled down to the hyper local level. You only “broadcast” to at and for that business.

You are the only one that has thought of this?

You are the only one with a plan?

You are the only one building mining cultivating differentiating?

Attention= Monetization. You Are Not In Charge.

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