Ascendix Webinar Summary: The Importance of Prospecting in Today’s Commercial Real Estate Marketplace.

How important is it? Do you even have to ask? It’s all about discovery, data management, and quality tools just for a start.

I had the privilege recently to sit in and co-host a webinar with one of our industries most knowledgeable CEO’s Wes Snow of Ascendix.

Wes and I have known each other for (way too many) years and his depth and length (he said 22 years but I’m not counting) of understanding in the CRM space is without peer.

He and I chat every so often and it’s fascinating to dig deep into the recess of the CRM world.

I’ve said it a thousand times, “CRM is the most cost-effective and underutilized tool in commercial real estate.”

He and I and of course his stellar team quickly decided on an agenda and what follows is my simple summary.


Wes and I started off with some context into some of the reasons CRM users fail and succeed. I emphasized the reason CRM can and should be the point of discovery and how the data within the CRM database can help with the potential deal “triggers.”

And of course, before we even got started this happened on Twitter. Come on people Focus!

My response?

Wes got us back on track with PROSPECTING TRENDS & DRIVERS

Wes continued to provide quality intel, data, and real world use cases throughout.




Something did catch my attention and that was the diversity of usable practical tools.

A few of the tools highlighted below were not part of the presentation. I thought you would want to take a look for yourself.

Commercial Real Estate Content Creator.

On-Premise CRM.

Cloud CRM.

The last two were featured and are prospecting tools made for the CRE professional that just flat out gets it!


Wes finished off the presentation with a real world example of Using Market Intelligence In Prospecting Featuring: InsideView.

Wes and I finished up with some Q&A. Yes, the glasses were necessary. The bright lights are harsh for some of us.

Look for the entire recorded webinar here as soon as it’s released. I will tweet it out and drop the link. It should just be a day or two!

I would like to personally thank all that took precious time out of their day to attend. I hope Wes and I helped create some valuable intelligence and practical knowledge for you to use.

I must also give out a personal shout out to Camille Musick, who of course did basically everything. (Imaging wrangling me more than a time or two) Yes, she is not using her writing skills enough, and I told her that on more than one occasion. Thanks, Camille!

+1 Hey Team Ascendix.  Hook’em Horns!

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